Advance Review: KRAMPUS #1

Written by Brian Joines
Art by Dean Kotz
Published by Image Comics
Release Date: December 11, 2013

STK627248Christmas has a dark side….it is Krampus!

Brian Joines and Dean Kotz team up for a completely different look at Christmas than you have ever seen before in the dark comedy Krampus #1. Keeping this as spoiler free as possible, the Secret Society of Santa Clauses (yes, there is a secret society of Santas!) have lost their mojo and the only way to get it back is to make a deal with their devil…Krampus! Joines has got a twisted little story going on here, with unexpected twists and turns all over the place. Dark humour is the name of the game, and Joines kills it with one-liners that you just don’t ever expect to be uttered in reference to jolly ol’ Saint Nick. This is the sort of story that is wildly bizarre in all the right ways and I can say with absolute certainty you will never know what is coming. This comic, because of it’s tone and sharp one liners throughout, is just a ton of fun and I applaud Joines for the spin he has taken on the Christmas myths of the world. The very concept of a Secret Society of Santa Clauses is worth the price of admission, and when you see these characters in action you’ll wonder why this hasn’t been in our lives forever. This script will have you laughing and looking at Christmas in ways you never have before with the world’s first holiday anti-hero and some hilarious side characters.

Dean Kotz’s art fits the tone of Joines’ script well, delivering the comedic punches at all the right times. The art is a little gritty in places, but for the most part is consistent and Kotz handles the bizarreness of this concept very well. Kotz gives each of the Santa Society members a unique look and feel, and their personalities shine through very well by his hand. Readers will feel very comfortable diving into the world Kotz is building through the visuals in this first issue of Krampus, and I look forward to seeing more from him & Joines. They work very well together and Kotz really brings the jokes in the script to life.

Krampus #1 is a fun holiday romp that is an unexpected gem that you should jump at the chance to get your hands on. Joines and Kotz have a really fun book on their hands that kicks off with a bang. Not many comics can make me laugh, and this one did…many times. Do the holidays right. Do them with Krampus.

Verdict: 8.5/10


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