Advance Review: SQUADRON SINISTER #1



Written by Marc Guggenheim
Art by Carlos Pacheco, Frank Martin
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 17, 2015

All is not as it seems in Battleworld. The leaders of the territories are constantly vying for power, and dirty deeds exist….everywhere. In this realm, you’ll find the nastiest S.O.B. JLA members you’ve ever seen.

Marc Guggenheim has the task of fleshing out a world where Hyperion reigns supreme, and this is not the Hyperion people know from Hickman’s Avengers. This Hyperion is all powerful and he doesn’t hold back from using it, with a crew of extremely powerful and nasty people to back him up. All isn’t as it seems, though, and the seeds of doubt planted by Guggenheim are what makes this issue work. There’s some solid dialogue here, and Guggenheim uses these archetypes to flesh out the team without having to spend a lot of time discussing what these characters are capable of, which allows the issue to move at a nice pace. This comic shows a different angle of the Battleworld than what we’ve seen in some of the tie-ins, and the focus on such a villainous crew is an interesting change of pace. This was entertaining despite these awful characters, their terrible traits and evil nature. Guggenheim has something up his sleeve, and I’ll be continuing on with this series to see what it is.

Carlos Pacheco is a rock solid superhero artist. His work in this issue suits the tone in a very interesting way, with everything crisp, clear and looking very heroic even though this team is doing evil things at times. They are hyper violent, but look like they are living in shiny and clean Metropolis, which is a nice juxtaposition. The colour work by Frank Martin adds to this effect, and his work compliments Pacheco’s pencil work nicely. This artwork did the trick, and hopefully as the mystery unfolds, Pacheco cuts loose a bit more.

Squadron Sinister #1 is a first issue with two vets taking on dastardly versions of some tried and true archetypes. Guggenheim and Pacheco know how to weave a tale and I’m intrigued by this one. I’ll be giving it another go, and if you like your archetypes with edge to spare, then you should try Squadron Sinister too.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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One Comment;

  1. Scott Gregson said:

    You’ve pretty much sold me. Hickman’s Hyperion was great, so getting to see another version (or two) of the character sounds fun. Good to know it’s told well.