Advance Review: THORS #1


Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Chris Sprouse
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 17, 2015

KRAKATHOOOOOM! There’s a whole lotta Thors in this book, a comic I am now officially dubbing “Law & Thorder”. Yes, I did just say that…and I’m rather proud.

Jason Aaron continues his amazing Thor run through Secret Wars, taking a spin away from the Jane Foster storyline of the monthly book and looking at a different set of Thors. This comic feels like a police procedural in the best way, and I swear, I heard the Law & Order “dun dun” sounds at times. Aaron nails that feeling without making it over the top or cliche, which is impressive as the issue progresses and some of the stereotypes of that genre come into play. The partners are a clever pairing and their relationship packs a surprising amount of an emotional wallop, built on their fantastic banter. His choice of Thors to populate these pages is very clever, each there for a specific reason other than to act as filler, and each with their own unique voice. When you fill a comic with hammer slinging Battleworld cops you might expect things to get a little stale or repetitive, but that is far from the case. These cops have a very dire and serious case to solve, and the stakes are extremely high. This is a great crime drama with a healthy amount of mystery and hammers, something I never quite expected myself to say.

Chris Sprouse’s artwork nails the “cop drama” feel, giving this story the appropriate amount of grit while still having a Groot Thor appear within it. The Thors all have very visually distinct traits that tell a lot about their personalities, and our primary pair of Thor partners say a lot through body language alone. Sprouse’s layouts are extremely strong, with the story flowing easily through the visuals and there are a couple splash pages that are astounding in this comic. His pencils are widescreen enough to be worthy of the Thunder Gods, but small screen enough when they need to be to feel like a serialized crime drama, and from start to finish they are just damn good.

This is one of the highest profile creative pairings to be featured in the Secret Wars tie-ins, and both Aaron and Sprouse deliver. Thors #1 is a gritty, fun read if you dig shows like Law & Order, and if you are also a fan of Thor then there are tons of nods to the various iterations of Thor throughout. There is a solid mystery to drive this series forward and if Aaron and Sprouse can keep the quality of Thors this high, it could be something very special.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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