Alterna Announces METAPHASE by Reece & Williams

Alterna Comics has announced Metaphase by Chip Reece and Kelly Williams, a comic book focusing on heroes of our world born with Down Syndrome.

Official Press Release

metaphase_page_10Alterna Comics is proud to announce on this World Down Syndrome Awareness Day (3/21/13), the release of a 10 page teaser issue for the upcoming graphic novel METAPHASE to be released on Comixology, the number one digital comic reader! Break out writer Chip Reece’s creation is visually realized by the mega talents of artist Kelly Williams (THE CABINET) to give you a taste of what’s to come! METAPHASE is a story about self discovery and living with Down Syndrome, wrapped in an exciting super-hero shell!

Jeremy Whitley, three time Glyph award winner and Eisner nominee for his book PRINCELESS, writes, “Reece is writing a story that’s equal parts head and heart, and that’s hard to come by. I can’t wait to see where it goes!”

Alterna’s publisher, Peter Simeti, had this to say, “I’m really honored that Chip wants to partner with Alterna in bringing his book to people across the world. It has a fantastic message and is also just incredibly fun to read. Chip’s writing is witty and poignant and Kelly’s art is in a league of its own – just a perfect team-up!”

What happens when a son’s quest for power leads to the destruction of his father, the world’s strongest superhero? METAPHASE is a graphic novel about Ollie, a boy with Down Syndrome who just wants to be “super” too. If it wasn’t hard enough sizing himself up with the most average of human strength, Ollie has grown up with a front row seat to the upper extreme of the physical spectrum! Incredibly, an opportunity may exist that could get him the power he desires…

Powers, Inc. is a company looking for volunteers to test their controversial and experimental chromosome treatment. This process promises to give super powers to anyone who wants them…or so it seems. As with any scheme that sounds too good to be true, there are sinister motives…ones that directly involve destroying the greatest superhero of all time, Ollie’s dad!

In 2010 Chip’s son Oliver was born with Down Syndrome as well as two congenital heart defects. Besides the monumental achievement of surviving three open heart surgeries, this little fella also spent over seven months in the hospital, and had a tracheotomy and feeding tube inserted to improve his chances of survival. Inspired by his son’s strength despite these odds, seeds were planted in this long time comic book fan’s mind to spin a tale that would spotlight just how spectacular individual’s with Down Syndrome are!


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