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THE HANGOUT featuring Adam P. Knave: December 14, 2015

THE HANGOUT featuring Adam P. Knave: December 14, 2015

Amelia Cole’s Adam P. Knave joins Alison and Karen to talk about depression, mental health and the creative process. Adam has advice for new creators about Twitter, productivity, and self-care. The girls share some of their experiences with depression and anxiety. Oh, and Adam does the entire show with a puppet. We also discuss the books

THE HANGOUT: November 30, 2015

The Hangout recovers from jetlag and gravy-induced comas long enough to discuss some of the All-New, All-Different Marvel relaunches, the Witchy Women of Rachel Rising and Black Magick, and Karen challenges Alison to read Huck. We learn Saga is still excellent, then the girls give their picks of what’s out and what’s coming. Throughout the

THE HANGOUT featuring Christopher Sebela: LIVE at Tonopah Station, October 26, 2015

Christopher Sebela returns to the Hangout for a very special episode, broadcasting from the Tonopah Station Casino just up the road from The Clown Motel. Chris talks about the success of his new BOOM! Studios project WE(L)COME BACK, with Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, and shares a few stories and adventures from his month in the Nevada

THE HANGOUT: October 13, 2015

Tonight on The Hangout, an overdue recap of Baltimore Comic-Con, Karen shows off her fantastic new sketchbook, and Alison unveils THREE pieces of Ra’s al Ghul art plus the latest addition to her ever-growing Furiosa wall! And if you’re interested in comics talk: Jessica brings the Valiant love, Karen admits her new Archie obsession, and Alison can’t

COMIC LOVE: Ostrander & Yale’s SUICIDE SQUAD & Me

This weekend is Baltimore Comic Con, and one guest on their list has me more excited than literally every other con I’ve attended this year combined: John Ostrander. I’m a huge, huge, HUGE fan of the Suicide Squad. His run, cowritten with his wife Kim Yale and drawn by Luke McDonnell, John K Snyder III,