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CAPTAIN MARVEL#1 Written by Kelly Thompson Art by Carmen Carnero, Tamra Bonvillain and Clayton Cowles Edited by Sarah Brunstad, Wil Moss, Tom Brevoort Published by Marvel Comics Release date: January 9, 2019 I’m going to be blunt. The return of Kelly Thompson writing Captain Marvel is second only to Carol Danvers’s reboot queen (Kelly Sue


DOCTOR WHO: THE THIRTEENTH DOCTOR #3 Written by Jody Houser Art by Rachael Stott, Enrica Eren Angiolini, Viviana Spinelli, Richard Starkings, Sarah Jacobs and John Roshel Edited by Andrew James, Jessica Burton Published by Titan Comics Release date: January 2, 2019 The sign of a solid licensed material issue is when you can hear the

POETIC LICENSE: September 26, 2018

The following poems of various formats could contain spoilers for Doctor Who: Thirteenth Doctor #0, Heroes In Crisis #1, Justice League Odyssey #1, and Man-Eaters #1. While poetry is interpretive, read at your own risk. HEROES IN CRISIS #1 King, Mann, Morey – DC Comics I’m Just Warming Up I’m just warming up But, by the end,

POETIC LICENSE: September 19, 2018

The following poems of various formats could contain spoilers for BATMAN DAMNED #1, MISTER MIRACLE #11, WEST COAST AVENGERS #2, THE LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #3, and SEA OF THIEVES VOL 1. While poetry is interpretive, read at your own risk. SEA OF THIEVES Whitley, Marcellius, Yuwono – Titan Comics Talk Like A Pirate They don’t


HOUSE OF WHISPERS #1 Written by Nalo Hopkinson Art by Dominike Staton, John Rauch, Deron Bennett Edited by Molly Mahan, Amedeo Turturro, Maggie Howell, Mark Doyle Published by Vertigo Comics Release Date: September 12, 2018 House of Whispers is a multi-layered, culturally divined masterpiece that is jaw dropping gorgeous and fascinating. Much of the Sandman

Interview: FIND YOURSELF with PRINCELESS’ Jeremy Whitley

All three of my children have grown up with stacks of the Princeless comics around the house and more digital copies on our ComiXology account. They have been surrounded by the story of Princess Adrienne – locked in a tower by her father, to be rescued by a prince, only to get fed up and use the

Review: SUPERGIRL #21

SUPERGIRL #21 Written by Marc Andreyko Art by Kevin Maguire, Sean Parsons, FCO Plascencia, Tom Napolitano Edited by Jessica Chen, Brian Cunningham Published by DC Comics Release Date: August 8, 2018 Let’s not be coy, Krypto is in this issue. That’s right, everyone’s favorite superdog has been given over to Kara and creates an emotional

Star Wars #52 Cover art

Review: STAR WARS #52

STAR WARS #52 Written by Kieron Gillen Art by Salvador Larroca, Guru-eFX, Clayton Cowles Edited by Tom Groneman, Mark Paniccia Published by Marvel Comics Release date: August 1, 2018 We take a break from the most amazing female villain for an action paced issue with a dash of sentimental tear-jerking. Since the issue 50 reveals, the