Written by Jacob Andrews (@FLoaBComic)
Art by Jacob Andrews
New Strips Released: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

What’s the Pitch?:


Not every webcomic has a deep archive full of rich continuity that relies on you having read the last 10 years of strips. I happen to enjoy those kinds of comics very much and find them very rewarding, but I’m not always in the mood for those kind of comics nor do I always have time to pick them up from the beginning and add them into my ever-expanding webcomics reading list. The other end of the webcomics spectrum is populated by great one-off strips with clever jokes that you can read in any order. For Lack of a Better Comic is one of these – a simple but extremely effective non-sequitur strip. 

From the Reader’s Perspective:

Comics should be fun. Sometimes that fun comes from a self-referential joke about a cockatoo that was set up 20 strips ago. Other times its about free time, laziness, or boners. And sometimes its about summoning Captain Hangover. This strip has probably more moments where I laugh out loud at my desk at work than any of the others I read. The art and writing are simple, but not simplistic. Good for a laugh when you need it. It reminds me a lot of the humor in single-panel newspaper cartoons like Farside and early Non-Sequitur, which were some of my first introductions to the medium of comics and sequential art.

I first fell in love with this strip when it pointed out the sinister subtext in “Call Me Maybe” (prior to which I was convinced I was the only one who thought of that when the song came on every 10 seconds that summer). After that I plowed through the whole archive in an hour or so. Several struck me with themes everyone can relate to: wanting to be the best at something and it not working out; the nature of humor; what should happen to internet trolls; and what Santa should really bring naughty children.

Start reading For Lack of a Better Comic here and get excited cause it’s gonna get weird!


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