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Written and drawn by Tom Bancroft
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Outnumbered_cast_COLOR3What’s the Pitch?

Not unlike a wildlife documentary you would see on Animal Planet…..This is a “family” strip about “A man living in a woman’s world”.

From the Reader’s Perspective:

Marriage is not the end of the story, but merely the beginning of an even greater adventure. Hollywood might not believe this, but at least comics like Tom Bancroft’s webcomic understand.

Meet Mark, the nerdy husband who feels like a second class citizen in a house ruled by women. He’s accepted his lot in life as the servant to their whims and needs but takes his piece of suburban heaven whenever he can get it.

outnumberedpanelOutnumbered is great because it celebrates the hilarious things that can happen in everyday family life. With so many people “settling”, the regular family life is often seen as offensive and  giving up. However, this weekly comic celebrates the joys, humors and oddities that only happen when you have so many personalities and age groups gathered together and dependent on one another. Despite being about a husband surrounded by all the women in his life, it seems to be more about a nerd surrounded by a family who does not understand him. I find I identify with both Mark and his wife, depending on the situation. With different dynamics found in different families, there are laughs for all to find, since you know someone in your family with the particular POV being presented, no matter their gender.

It also gives a great insight into the perspective of someone who feels trapped by those whose opinions are constantly at battle with their own (the inside nerd jokes are great too.) Needless to say you can see what a cathartic outlet this online strip acts for Bancroft in his life.

It’s clean-cut, work safe chuckles for when you’re just needing to take a moment to laugh at yourself or those stuck in a suburgatory of their own making and that they wouldn’t trade for the world.

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One Comment;

  1. tom bancroft said:

    Thank you, Jessica, for this wonderful review of OUTNUMBERED. I don’t market it so I’m just thankful hear about it- somehow. Thanks for the help!