Bookmark This Comic: Strip Tease

Title: Bookmark This Comic!
Written by: Various
Art by: Whomever creates the comics
Initial Release Date: December 6, 2013
Released Every: Friday

webcomicHow “they” try to sell you:

“Comicosity presents our newest column which highlights web comics of all shapes and sizes! Why aren’t you reading web comics? They’re FREE, people, FREE! Plus, they’re on  your computer, so if you’re having a bad day at work, simply pull up these babies and you can imagine yourself away. Sit back and relax as we make our lackeys dig up the best web comics for you to peruse.”

From the reader’s perspective:

There are many types of web comics available. Some of them have been around for half a decade or more. Others are reprints of books already published. The one thing they do have in common is that they’re a “free” method of sequential art entertainment for you to enjoy.

They’re not entirely free. Creators have to eat, after all. There are advertisements, pay-what-you-wish, or subscription services all available for these comics. One way or another, people are trying to make a living. However, for the most part, if you’re patient you can read these books free to mostly-free of charge. For some, if you like them enough, you can even go out and purchase a physical copy after reading through the book!

As far as “types” of web comics: many people think of old fashion cartoon serials. One and done comics that might occasionally call back to some minor continuity point, but is not entirely necessary to enjoy the “strip.” However, more printed comic styles are making their way online to this land of “read at your own delight” with stories that have a beginning, middle and end in mind.

In this column we want to explore all types of web comics and highlight those you may not realize are available out there. Big names are moving in which is creating a spotlight on this often overlooked world of comics. We wish to honor those who are bringing in the headlines as well as those you may have never heard of before.

Each article will include the name of the creative teams behind the books, original release dates, and what days of the weeks they are released on if released weekly. That’s right… comics that don’t just come out once a month or four times a year, but WEEKLY!

So sample here, taste there, and see if you can find something to your liking.


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