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weightlessThe Works of Claire Connelly
Written by Claire Connelly and Various
Art by Claire Connelly
New Works Published: Every Other Week (announced via Twitter)

It’s time to wander off the beaten path of weekly strip comics to venture into the realm of one-short stories created by artist Claire Connelly. Fans of Jeff Lemire and Brandon Graham will feel at home on her website which is constantly churning out new stories.

Most of the stories presented are written by Claire and explore themes of longing, loss, fate and discovery. There are tales to suit every taste. The 3 States of Victor Fries takes a hard look at the type of loss a villain such as Mr. Freeze would have to experience to become what he did. Other stories such as Here and The Man in the Mountains analyze what it means to survive and if survival or glory at all costs is worth the price. While each story is relatively bite size when compared to large graphic novels they are not light reading. When you go expect your ideals, faith and points of view on life to be challenged, questioned and exposed.

downwiththeshipConnelly has taken her work a step further by gathering it for fans in printed form with her successful Kickstarter: Down With The Ship. At the time of this article there is still a chance for you to jump on board with just 12 days to go. The book is over 170 black and white interior pages and has stories that run from 4 to over 40 pages with 11 stories total. Many of those stories are print versions of those found on her website, while some have never been published. The venture also provides backers with an opportunity to get her second graphic novel anthology, Here which includes 150 pages and 20 books.

This is an artist who has been using web publishing and conventions to their fullest and get her stories heard. Of course it helps that her stories speak to so many people about isolation, growing up and the uncertainties of life. They are sobering reflections that inspire the creative spirit and give pause to contemplate ones own existence and blessings in life.

Start reading the works of Claire Connelly here.


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