Get excited for CAPTURE CREATURES, an original KaBOOM! series launching in November from Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson, the team behind the popular webcomic, Tiny Kitten Teeth. Becky also did art for the ADVENTURE TIME 2014 ANNUAL, and Frank is currently writing THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL comics for KaBOOM!.

Becky and Frank created the creatures as an homage to Pokémon and posted them online starting in early 2012. (Fun fact: The first creature they created was Bon Bon Fire, who is featured on the main cover.) Fans loved them! Becky and Frank were eventually able to successfully Kickstart an art book and do an exhibit at Gallery Nucleus. Now, we are very excited to be bringing CAPTURE CREATURES to its own comic book series! In the series, over 100 creatures have mysteriously appeared on earth, and two teenagers try to discover where they came from and stop those who are trying to destroy them

cover1 cover2


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