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Exclusive Interview: Sean E. Williams Launches the COMICKER DIGITAL App

Exclusive Interview: Sean E. Williams Launches the COMICKER DIGITAL App

How do YOU read comics? How do you MAKE comics? Sean E. Williams, writer of Artful Daggers, Sensation Comics, and Fairest, has been asking himself that for over a year. The result is Comicker Digital, a webcomic platform with original work by a variety of creators available to read for free, buy, and subscribe. As

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The Works of Claire Connelly Written by Claire Connelly and Various Art by Claire Connelly New Works Published: Every Other Week (announced via Twitter) It’s time to wander off the beaten path of weekly strip comics to venture into the realm of one-short stories created by artist Claire Connelly. Fans of Jeff Lemire and Brandon


SCENES FROM A MULTIVERSE Written and Drawn by Jonathan Rosenberg Originally Release Date: June 14, 2010 New Strips Released: Monday, Wednesday, Friday What’s the Pitch?: A daily comic about what it’s like to live in a multiverse. Each day, Monday through Friday, we’ll visit another location somewhere in an ordinary, everyday multiverse and see how

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 OH JOY SEX TOY Written by Erika Moen (@ErikaMoen) Art by Erika Moen Original Release Date: April 2013 New Strips: Tuesdays What’s the Pitch?: Oh Joy Sex Toy is a sex-positive educational comic that runs the gamut from reviews of sex toys, sex education, birth control, and relationships. Erika Moen’s latest work is as informative as

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OUTNUMBERED Written and drawn by Tom Bancroft New Strips Released Monday What’s the Pitch? Not unlike a wildlife documentary you would see on Animal Planet…..This is a “family” strip about “A man living in a woman’s world”. From the Reader’s Perspective: Marriage is not the end of the story, but merely the beginning of an


FOR LACK OF A BETTER COMIC Written by Jacob Andrews (@FLoaBComic) Art by Jacob Andrews New Strips Released: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday What’s the Pitch?: Not every webcomic has a deep archive full of rich continuity that relies on you having read the last 10 years of strips. I happen to enjoy those kinds of comics very much

Between Failures

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BETWEEN FAILURES Written by Jackie Wohlenhaus Art by Jackie Wohlenhaus Original Release Date: March 19, 2007 New Strips Released: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday What’s the Pitch?: Have you ever worked retail? This webcomic is for you. Between Failures is an endearing look at the relationships people develop with the people at work. It takes place at


QUESTIONABLE CONTENT Written by Jeph Jacques Art by Jeph Jacques Original Release Date: August 1, 2003 New Strips Released: Monday through Friday What’s the Pitch?: “Marten Reed is your typical downtrodden twenty-something, facing the grim prospect of a dreary, unfulfilling life his college education left him ill-prepared to handle. But with the help of his