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NUMBERS GAME: Independents – February 2013

NUMBERS GAME: Independents – February 2013

Another strong month for the non big 2 publishers. A big winner for the month was IDW. Comichron pointed out that this is the first time that IDW has ever taken over 7% of the market share in a month. A huge accomplishment and a hope that the trend continues and we see more companies

NUMBERS GAME: Marvel Comics – February 2013

February was another great month for Marvel, as the fruits of MarvelNOW! are beginning to ripen for the publisher. Marvel once again held on to the market share in both dollar and unit sales. While a single month win of the market share is a great booster, one has to note that Marvel’s actual percentages

NUMBERS GAME: DC Comics – February 2013

A good, but not great, month for DC.  Even with the massive success of Justice League of America, DC’s market share dropped 3% (35.41% to 32.89%). The drop can be misleading for the time being, however, as most of the Marvel titles have yet to stabilize from the recent MarvelNOW! initiative. DC Comics had four comics in the top 10,

NUMBERS GAME: DC Comics – January 2013

January saw DC losing market share to Marvel again, no surprise really given that we are in the midst of the Marvel NOW! release of new titles. Curiously enough, however, there are still some salient facts that reflect the staying power of DC’s NEW 52 promotion, despite recent naysayers in the publishing industry. Individual titles

NUMBERS GAME: Independents – January 2013

The non-Big Two companies took a bit of a hit in the first month of the year. All of the companies lost market share from December 2012, but they all increased from their numbers a year ago in January 2012. The Small Market Top Ten 1 (19). The Walking Dead #106  (70,5260) 2 (38). Saga

NUMBERS GAME: Marvel Comics – January 2013

The second straight Marvel dominated month. Marvel lead the way with 40% share of all overall units sold and 34% share of overall dollars.  7 of the top 10 comics were Marvel, which featured even more number 1’s from the Marvel NOW! revamp. (all +/- based off of previous months/issues numbers) The Superior Spider-Man lives up to

NUMBERS GAME: DC Comics – December 2012

December is not traditionally a month comic companies can expect great gains, but 2012 was hardly a normal year. Unfortunately, with Marvel Comics’ relaunch of their core titles in full second month swing, the best DC could do, it seems, is keep its head down and keep plugging away, anticipating a new wave of titles

NUMBERS GAME: Marvel Comics – December 2012

December was the month of Marvel. Issue 1’s continued to roll out and Marvel even managed to release one of the biggest comics on the year on the last Wednesday of 2012 with Amazing Spider-Man #700. Six of the top ten books in December were Marvel and overall they accounted for 36% of the market

NUMBERS GAME: Independents – December 2012

Welcome to a new feature from the crew at Comicosity! Each month we are going to dig a little bit deeper into the previous month’s sales figures and talk about a few of the more interesting tidbits we find. Today we will be focusing on all comics from the non-Big Two companies. (all +/- are