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Read Between the Lines: Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow?

Read Between the Lines: Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow?

Rebirth has been teasing another kick at the can for those teens from the 30th century (or is it 31st now?). Once more around the block with the Legion of Super-Heroes. There are a lot of theories on why the Legion has struggled to stay relevant, or even stay on the shelves. Some even ponder

Read Between The Lines: The Minimalist Hero Comic Collecting Needs

Recently the Associated Press ran an article about a lifetime comic collector auctioning off his rather impressive comic book collection. Jon Berk from Connecticut, 66, is auctioning his collection of 18,000 books and 300 pieces of comic-book art in May, 2017. The collection includes two of the “holy grails” of comic collecting – Action Comics #1

Read Between the Lines: DC REBIRTH & the Great Side-Eye

30 years ago, Moore, Miller, Morrison, and their artistic collaborators, began the great deconstruction of the super-hero narrative form. That has continued on and off (mostly on) ever since. But there have been very few creators who dedicate themselves to the reconstruction of the super-hero narrative form. Geoff Johns is one of them. In reading Rebirth

Read Between the Lines: Rated You for Everyone – The DC YOU Change No One Noticed

With this month’s launch of DC YOU, DC Comics marks the end of the New 52 branding (though not its continuity) with a mix of jump-on points and 21 new #1s. One of the recurring criticisms of the New 52 launch was the lack of diversity, both in creators and in content. While others are speaking to

Read Between the Lines: Convergence, the End of the New 52 (Logo), & NO REBOOT!

Is DC rebooting* the New 52? No. To paraphrase Dickens, this must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of what I am going to relate. Since the announcement in February that DC will be ending the New 52 branding on the covers of their comics, there has been a great deal of incorrect

Read Between the Lines: Happy Turkey Day from the Batman Family

In a Thanksgiving image released Tuesday, we get a glimpse at the Batman: Eternal cast having the most awkward Thanksgiving I can imagine. But who are a few of the mystery faces? And who is missing? (Right-click to download enlarged version) Left: ? Older man with white hair: Philip Kane is the safe money. There