Sometimes, comics can make a person laugh.

The odd time, they can make a person laugh a lot.

Even rarer, they can make a person laugh – out loud – over the course of several days and multiple readings.

Sometimes, a goddamn owl can slay a moose and a person can laugh until the end of time.

That was my experience with Birding Is My Video Game by Rosemary Mosco.

Now, to give you a little background, I’m an enviro-geek and a comic lover, so when I get a collection of single page comics and strips and infographics about science and nature, I’m intrigued. When I get a collection that is masterfully crafted and hilarious? Well then I’m happy as a lark (BIRD REFERENCE, WOO!).

What I found the most charming about this collection is Mosco’s sense of humour. The natural world is really quite hilarious and Mosco dials into that so very well. Her use of infographics throughout the collection is great, and I tell you, you’ll want funnier flowcharts in your life from now on after you’ve read this collection.

I daresay you’ll learn something from this too, even though it is one of the funniest collections you’ll read in 2018. Mosco’s experience as a graduate of UVM’s Field Naturalist and Ecological Planning Program is on display here as the subject matter of Birding is legit. Nature is this crazy, and Mosco knows it.

I got a real kick out of Birding Is My Favorite Video Game, Mosco is a cartoonist with a great sense of humour and fantastic observations about the natural world.


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