Comicosity Book Club: #GothamCentralClub

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Welcome to the Comicosity Book Club!

From today, September 22, to September 28 we will be focusing on Gotham Central: Book One by Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka and Michael Lark.

That means we’re looking at issues #1-10, which are collected in hardcover as well as softcover trades, and available digitally through multiple platforms.

The series focuses on the Gotham Central Police Department, taking a look at what goes on in Gotham if you’re attempting to keep the peace and aren’t wearing a cape and cowl. This critically acclaimed series features two undisputed masters of crime writing in Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka and a brilliant artist in Michael Lark, who is currently working with Rucka on the amazing Lazarus.

Gotham Central is a favourite of many staff members here at Comicosity and we look forward to seeing what parts of the book stick with you!

As you are reading, be sure to tag your tweets with #GothamCentralClub and we will pull some in to our roundup article at the end of the week.

Feel free to comment on this article or tweet to @comicosity or @smarx_ as you read, and if you are looking for some primer material for Gotham Central, check out these articles:

Warning: If this is your first time reading Gotham Central, there are spoilers in each article.

Game Changers: Renee Montoya: an interview with Greg Rucka about Renee Montoya about the character and his approach to writing her.

Comic Love: Better By Half: Senior Editor Matt Santori-Griffith discusses the second arc we’ll be reading in the book club, Half a Life, and its impact.

With that, I wish you happy reading, and thank you for being part of the club! Check back next week for a full roundup of what everyone had to say about the book, and keep your eyes on #GothamCentralClub on twitter!