Comicosity Book Club: #XStatixClub

Welcome to the kickoff of the Comicosity Book Club! It’s my pleasure to announce this new feature that is going to be loads of fun as we collectively experience some of the greatest comic books of all time. This series is going to be headed up by John Ernenputsch (@jpooch21) and Sam Marx (@smarx_), so I’m going to hand the mic over to Sam, who wrote the following to kick off this fantastic club! – EiC Aaron


Well, the inevitable happened. We wanted to pull together a group of people to read the beloved Marvel comic X-Statix and discuss it online, and instead we created the brand new Comicosity Book Club. That’s right: a whole new series devoted to reading and discussing our favorite comics with you, the people of Earth (I assume).

Keeping in line with our original plans, we are still going to kick off the Comicosity Book Club with a reading of Peter Milligan and Mike Allred’s X-Statix. As many of us will be reading through the omnibus, this will include X-Force #116-129; X-Statix #1-26, Wolverine/Doop #1-2, X-Statix Presents Dead Girl #1-5, and a few side issues that are fun but not entirely necessary. If you have the omnibus, it’ll all be there. You can buy the omnibus on Amazon here. All of these issues are also on Marvel Unlimited if you use that service. Of course, if you want to buy the book at your local shop or hunt down the single issues, that’s fine too! However you want to read the book is fine by us.

Each week we will plan to read three issues of whatever book the club is focusing on (but depending on the material this is subject to change. I will never ask you to read more than four issues in a week!), and then we will discuss the book on Sundays using the hashtag #XStatixClub. We’re planning to kick this off by reading X-Force #116-118 for Sunday, July 6. All day Sunday you can post your favorite panels, discuss what we’ve read, and share any other cool stuff related to the week’s reading (just don’t forget to use the hashtag #XStatixClub!).

Mike Allred himself says: “Could be fun.” Now that’s an endorsement!

What can you expect besides awesome Twitter conversation in this book club? Throughout the duration of the reading we’re going to to have awesome features such as our own reviews of the issues, recaps of the best tweets from that week’s reading, retro reviews that take a look back at how those issues were reviewed upon release, polls about the book, a place for non-Twitter users to discuss the week’s reading, and even some creator interviews down the line! Wow, that’s a lot of great stuff coming up.

When we eventually finish X-Statix, we’ll move on to a different book and change the hashtag (ex. Superior Spider-Man would be #SuperiorClub). We’ll let everyone know as soon as we can about what we’re reading next so you can get your hands on it!

If for some reason you fall behind or just want to jump in at any time to read your favorite book as part of the Comicosity Reading Club, that’s totally good with us. We look forward to seeing you online on Sundays! – Sam Marx


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  1. MaxLevelJon said:

    AWESOME! One of my all-time favorite comicbook runs. Can’t wait!