Comics I Need To Read: HOW TO BE A WEREWOLF

Hiya folks! It’s me! Mexi! Here to talk to you about a Comic I Need to Read! The column where I read a comic by a little known creator.

This week is a fantastic webcomic that I feel definitely earns its place on this column for its evolution in art and writing within the short time it’s been running. While not the youngest or shortest webcomic out there, this comic has indeed shown leaps and bounds of progress since its start in 2015 and I appreciate that dedication and effort. The comic is:

How to Be a Werewolf by Shawn Lenore

How to Be a Werewolf revolves around Malaya Walters, a young woman who was bitten at a young age and has had to grapple with life as a werewolf with no other werewolves to help her transition. However, after a series of deaths occur in her town, she crosses paths with another werewolf, Elias, who’s investigating the murders, and after meeting Malaya, begins to help her learn everything she needs to know to live as a werewolf.

Lenore’s strengths in her writing are in the relationships she builds and her comedic elements. While her writing starts a little rough around the edges, Lenore creates some genuinely hilarious dialogue throughout and becomes sort of a master at it, it feels. She has perfected the craft of tossing in a good funny line when the flow in the chapter or the page is just right, and I loved watching her improve in this series.

The relationships she builds throughout her webcomic feel realistic and grow organically, humanizing mystical creatures as she goes. You feel sympathy for the small wolf pack that tries to force Malaya to join them despite their terrible misdeeds because she takes the time to build their perspective and gives the “villains” wants and emotions.

Marin and Marisa are an instantly adorable couple from the moment they appear, and their “how they met” backstory adds dimensions to both of their characters and makes you love them as a couple even more.

You really do sit there rooting for Eli as he pines away for the possibly could totally date him in the future Vince. Their relationship is built not only on simple attraction, but on them actually talking to one another and bonding with one another. You want them to get together because they have natural chemistry with one another.

The art has grown significantly over time too. While the art is pretty good at the start of the webcomic, it is obvious looking from the first page to the latest pages that this comic has truly given the artist time to grow and work on her craft.

I think what I love most, though, is that Lenore draws a variety of people. They aren’t all homogenous, cardboard cutouts with different hairstyles or coloring. There’s different body types, different skin tones, there’s attention to detail that’s just nice to see when looking act a spread of characters.

I also love the evolution of the coloring. While I did enjoy the black and white and found it to be an intriguing choice by the creator, I think Lenore gets to really explore what she can do with shading and coloring with, well, colors. She’s able to stretch her creativity more and there are scenes that just work better with color.

Check out How to Be a Werewolf. Definitely check it out! You can read it online here.

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