Comics I Need to Read: we are all superstitious

Hiya, people! It’s Me! Mexi! Here for another Comics I Need to Read! The column where I read a comic by a little known creator!

So, I usually do a lot of webcomics for this column because they’re generally free and easy to snag screenshots of and I just feel like there are a lot of webcomics that need their dues, but this week I’m mixing it up a bit. I have here a short comic I got from a comics expo I went to! I love getting small comics from cons and expos, it’s just so fascinating and wonderful to see young creators starting out. And today, I have a treat for you all! I read:

we are all superstitious by Chan Chau

we are all superstitious is a comic in two acts – the beginnings of a friendship and the push towards a new act within the friendship, towards something more, towards romance. The story is about Nick and Kyle, two young men who befriend each other through the superstitions their families have and how their friendship develops into a lasting bond of love.

The cover of this comic is beautiful. There’s this geometric pattern to it, using shapes to impact the coloring of both the front and the back. The gold touches reveal a brilliant night sky. I love the choice of making the umbrella translucent, allowing for nice shadowing effects and showing more of the boys, showing where they’re looking. I love the usage of four leaf clovers too. It works well to set up the major theme of superstitions within the first half of the comic. The coloring of the cover is just beautiful as well. The blues, whites, and pinks really mesh with one another and I find the addition of the touches of gold to really stand out.

The art within the short comic is fantastic. I love how interconnected the body language is of the two main characters. They’re animated because one of them is always reacting to the other. I like that portrayal of dynamism. I like how they are the ones who impact one another in scenes.

I love the small details Chau creates in his panels, from the children’s drawings in the background of the cafeteria to the “Kind & – handsome –” patch to the knowing eyes Nick has as he watches the tears fall down Kyle’s face.

I like how clean the paneling is, the well-thought out placement of crowded panels to the slow ebb towards minimalism and usage of space to emphasize on characters.

I like the grayscale of the comic. I think black and white is an underused choice and helps this comic. For this story isn’t about grand displays of far out galaxies or intricately colored outfits. It’s about the connection between Nick and Kyle and I feel that the simplification of the coloring really allows the reader to focus on the relationship rather than lavish hues.

Kyle and Nick, in general, are just characters that you root for. They’re not characters you learn a lot about, exactly, but you get a variety of visual cues when it comes to their lives and relationship and their friendship to romance is done perfectly. I also love how superstition seems intertwined throughout the entire first half of the comic. It’s this cute thing that connects Kyle and Nick and it’s not something you think a friendship would be started by. I love that choice.

Oh my gosh, read this. Read it if you can. You can buy it here for just $10. It’s really worth it.

Next Month, I’ll be reading:

Blind Springs by Kadi Fedoruk

You can find Blind Springs here if you’d like to read along with me.

If you have any thoughts on we are all superstitious or have a creator I should try reading, please, email me at Who knows? Maybe I’ll talk about your thoughts or read something by that creator!

See you next month!