During today’s panel at COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO 2015, fans were treated to a Fortress of Solitude-sized dose of news about the Man of Steel.

The panel kicked off with comic book legend Neal Adams announcing his plans for COMING OF THE SUPERMEN, scheduled for November. In this six-issue limited series, fans can expect the same sense of wonder that Bat-fans encountered with his BATMAN: ODYSSEY miniseries. This story pits Superman against the evil Darkseid and his son, brutal Kalibak. But this time he has help from an unlikely place: Three national heroes from the city of Kandor (now known as New Krypton) who see Superman as a legend. Even Superman’s arch-enemy Lex Luthor is forced to ally himself with these heroes to prevent Darkseid from laying waste to the universe.

Hollywood screenwriter and Eisner-nominee Max Landis (CHRONICLE) followed up with the announcement of November’s SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN, a seven part collection of stories from the life of Clark Kent. Ranging from heartwarming and simple to gritty and two-fisted and even humorous, each story captures a pivotal moment in Clark’s development into the archetypical hero he’s become. Landis will be joined by seven of the industry’s greatest artists:

Ryan Sook will provide the cover art, with artists JOCK (BATMAN, GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE), Nick Dragotta, Tommy Lee Edwards (MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, THE QUESTION), Joelle Jones, Jae Lee (BATMAN/SUPERMAN), Francis Manapul (DETECTIVE COMICS) and Jonathan Case (BATMAN ’66) providing interior art.

Award-winning graphic novelist and new SUPERMAN writer Gene Yang and ACTION COMICS co-writer Greg Pak updated fans on Superman, recapping the events from “TRUTH” and giving fans a look into what’s happening next in “JUSTICE,” where a newly de-powered Superman continues to deal with the consequences of his now public secret identity and a Metropolis police department making things increasingly difficult for folks in his neighborhood.

Fans also heard the latest on Superman’s opposite number BIZARRO, courtesy of writer Heath Corson. He provided a sneak peek at what’s next for the mismatched duo of Bizarro and Jimmy Olsen as they continue on the craziest road trip in the DC Universe!

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