DC Comics Announces New WONDER WOMAN Creative Team

Official Press Release.

Finch and Finch take over WONDER WOMAN with issue #36 this November!

Making her DC Comics writing debut, Meredith Finch and along with her husband, highly popular veteran artist David Finch (FOREVER EVIL, JUSTICE LEAGUE), team up to not only expand upon the mythology of the Amazon Princess, but ground her in humanity and explore her interpersonal relationships.

USA TODAY spoke with the couple about their upcoming joint venture and bringing the “focus on who she is—her interpersonal relationships and her responsibilities to the Amazons and her fellow heroes in the Justice League.” The article appears in print today or can be read here.

With Meredith Finch’s fresh perspective and David Finch’s definitive artistic style WONDER WOMAN is not to be missed.


But stay tuned as the epic finale of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang’s storyline arrives this October. In WONDER WOMAN #35, they tackle the definitive origin of Wonder Woman in the New 52, but saying more would spoil all the surprises – and there will be plenty!




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