DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS Reaches an End … and a New Beginning

The femme-driven, queer-tastic, butt-kicking, nazi-punching, fan-favorite DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS will be ending next month with its centennial chapter. The ongoing weekly Digital First series from brilliant writer Marguerite Bennett and artists Mirka Andolfo, Laura Braga, Marguerite Sauvage, Richard Ortiz, Carmen Carnero, Aneke, Sandy Jarrell and more will wrap up its storyline on June 16, with the final chapters (98-100) collecting for print issue #33 on August 16.

The final chapter will answer many of our unanswered questions:

  • Will Power Girl join Faora to create a new Krypton?
  • Will Lois Lane take the opportunity to avenge her family when faced with Hugo Strange?
  • Find out what happens to the other Bombshells as well — Harley, Ivy, Supergirl and all our favorite warriors in this final chapter.

BUT THERE’S NO REASON TO SAY GOODBYE!  We love our Bombshells and are excited to tease that there will be more exciting Bombshells adventures VERY soon! News regarding a brand-new storyline for the Bombshells is on its way—with new stories, new characters, but still with that Bombshell charm.

In fact, series writer Marguerite Bennett has ALREADY teased out what fans can expect:

We at Comicosity are RELIEVED, to say the least.


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