At San Diego Comic Con, and in cooperation with Entertainment Weekly, DC Comics released the Map of the Multiverse, a wild, multi-tiered schematic for how all the realms and 52 Earths interact. Click below to view the image at full, high resolution size.



Included in the map are 52 earths, numbered from 0 to 51, as well as realms that DC Comics fans have never seen portrayed in relationship to the Multiverse before, such as:

  • Apokolips and New Genesis,
  • Heaven and Hell
  • Dream and Nightmare
  • The Underworld and Skyland (home to the Olympian Gods)
  • The Source Wall
  • The Speed Force
  • Limbo
  • The Rock of Eternity
  • Wonderworld
  • The Realms of the Lords of Order and Chaos
  • The Bleed

While all the earths will be named (except 7, which are being left open for future creators) and referenced in the Multiversity series guidebook, the nature of the following earths has been confirmed:

0 – Presumably the number of Prime Earth, setting for most of the characters of the New 52

1 – The setting of the Earth One series of graphic novels, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Teen Titans

2 – The setting of the New 52 series, Earth 2

3 – Ravaged home of the Crime Syndicate

4Pax Americana, the Charlton characters including Captain Atom and Blue Beetle

5Thunderworld, home of the (all ages) Shazam family

6 – Setting of Just Imagine… Stan Lee Presents

7 – Home to the Thunderer, an Aboriginal version of Thor, and other Marvel Comics analogues

8 – Home to the Retaliators and the Extremists, analogues to the modern Marvel Comics Universe

10 – Earth X, home to Overman, the Nazi New Reichsmen, and the Freedom Fighters

11 – Home to Aquawoman, and a gender-swapped version of the Justice League

13 – A dark world, home to a Justice League led by Etrigan the Demon

16 – Earth-Me, and home to The Just, the next generation of the Justice League

18 – Setting of the Justice Riders family of characters

19 – Setting of the Gotham by Gaslight family of characters

20 – Home to Doc Fate and the Society of Super-Heroes, a pulp world

23 – The adopted planet of President Superman and a primarily African-American Justice League

26 – Home to Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew

29 – Bizarro World

30 – The adopted planet of the Red Son Superman

33 – The world formerly known as Earth Prime, our (readers’) world

36 – Home of the Justice 9, and a world where the Flash and Green Lantern are a homosexual couple

40 – Home to Vandal Savage and an evil version of the Society of Super-Heroes

41 – Home to Dino-Cop, Spore, and other analogues to 1990s Image Comics characters

43 – Home to the Red Rain family of characters

51 – The Jack Kirby Universe, home to Kamandi and OMAC

Not currently numbered, but known to exist are also the following earths:

1. An earth that features a version of the classic Earth Two Justice Society of America

2. An earth that features a version of post-Crisis DCU (up to, but not including Identity Crisis) that hosts the Justice League 3000

3. An earth that features the Legion of Super-Heroes

4. An earth that is made of little people versions of the Justice League of America

5. An earth that mimics Batman: the Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited universe (otherwise known as the Timm-verse)

6. An earth that features a version of the New Teen Titans, as imagined by Marv Wolfman and George Perez

7. An earth from which Lord and Lady Quark hail

8. A Flashpoint-inspired earth

9. A Batman: Thrillkiller-inspired earth

10. An earth inspired by the Tangent line of comics



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