DC Comics Welcomes Dr. Fate to TRINITY WAR

In their Trinity War panel at San Diego Comic Con this afternoon, DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns shared many details of what is to come for the three Justice League teams in upcoming issues, leading into September’s Villains’ Month and October’s Forever Evil mini-series.

  • The three Leagues will ultimately be teaming up to solve the mystery behind Doctor Light’s death… at Superman’s hands;
  • Giganta would be making her first appearance in the New 52 to battle Pandora in her own title;
  • John Constantine would attempt to steal the power of Shazam from Billy Batson… and be partially successful;
  • Black Adam and Sinestro will end up forming something of a bromance in the pages of Forever Evil;
  • Tension between former paramours Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, and John Constantine and Zatanna, will come to a head during Trinity War;
  • Dr. Fate will make an appearance on Earth Prime in the concluding chapter of Trinity War, Justice League Dark #23;
  • Martian Manhunter will be getting a big focus next year, courtesy Jeff Lemire;
  • The continuity of Forever Evil runs from October through March, after which the rest of the DC Universe catches up to the events of a world where evil won.

DC shared images from upcoming issues of Justice League of America, Justice League Dark, Trinity of Sin: Pandora, Constantine, Forever Evil, Forever Evil: ARGUS, Forever Evil: Rogue Rebellion, and Forever Evil: Arkham War, below.

Images courtesy DC Comics.


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  1. Kevin Bradley said:

    I see Phantom Stranger is finally getting involved in Trinity War. I miss his previous incarnation. He was more mysterious.