DC Reveals DARK KNIGHT III #2 Variant Covers

Christmas comes early for fans of Frank Miller and the Dark Knight as Book Two hits comic book store shelves Wednesday, December 23rd. And for those of you that have been EXTRA good (or extra lucky), local comic shops may carry five new variant covers for issue #2 of DARK KNIGHT III, each drawn by an artist popular with Batman, Dark Knight and comics fans alike:
1 in 10 cover drawn by Cliff Chiang

1 in 25 cover drawn by Klaus Janson

1 in 50 cover drawn by Eduardo Risso

1 in 100 cover drawn by Frank Miller

1 in 500 cover drawn by Jim Lee

So make sure and head over to your local retailer on December 23rd to see which covers are available!

DKTMR_Cv2_1.100var DKTMR_Cv2_1.500var DKTMR_Cv2_1_10_var DKTMR_Cv2_1_25_var DKTMR_Cv2_1_50_var


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