Dream Team: Our Perfect AVENGERS Rosters [Part 1]

This Wednesday, November 2, Mark Waid and Mike Del Mundo unleash a new volume of Avengers. With each new volume, every fan inevitably starts thinking about their ultimate Avengers roster, and we’re no different.

All week long, we will present our dream Avengers rosters, starting with Terrence Sage, Allen Thomas and Doug Zawisza!

Terrence Sage


Members: Manifold, Angela, Smasher, Beast, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Karnak, Miss America, Spectrum

The Universal Avengers. A team that can tackle any threat on Earth, the other Realms, and beyond even that! This team can handle it all, pack the brain power to solve issues both Earthbound and Space related, and our key members in larger circles so friends in high places is an understatement to say the least. I wanted a team that holds weight in Marvel Universe circles so no matter the corner they’ll never be without weakness and can depend on each other if they’re out of their depth.


The premiere Marvel teleporter if I do say so myself. Eden has proved himself from his beginnings as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Secret Warrior to one of the Avengers where he flexed his muscles so bad that they went to Mars and back. Eden has space/time under his control and can teleport large groups of people at a time. He’s nothing but loyal to the team and a great support player, you need a teleporter of this caliber on your team.


Formerly of Image Comics and Spawn, Guardian of the Galaxy, Thor’s Relative, and Queen of Hel…Angela is a powerhouse with the upper echelon of Marvel Heroes. She’s a killer warrior that can hold her own against even the toughest and most magical of enemies of the Marvel U.


A relatively new face to being a hero but Izzy Kane has been tossed into some of the most extremes battles and scenario this side of the galaxy. Her connections with the Shi’ar Imperial Guard can prove useful in high stakes cosmic battles and as a youthful face on the team she can learn a lot from the more experienced Heroes.


Beast gets around. He’s an ever so slightly, maybe deranged genius that will do whatever it takes to save the day. Every team needs a resident Marvel Universe madman and Hank McCoy fits the bill…er fur.

Sam Wilson (Captain America)

The heart of the Universal Avengers. Sam Wilson with his recent position upgrade represents the little guys on the street and acts as a gateway to the bigger and large scale threats. He’s the everyman on a team full of superpowers and cosmic creations.


The master of all. Karnak doesn’t play well with others as anyone can see in his solo series. Being on a team can reveal how Karnak plays with people that aren’t Inhuman and how the man that “sees the flaws in all things” can educate the team in hand to hand combat because this warrior has combat down to a science.

Miss America

America Chavez is a rock star. She defends the Multiverse by punching any and every one in ANY given reality. One of the members with more than enough experience, she’s seen things beyond most of the group and fight any monster or evil you can think of. She’s gotten the recognition she deserves as a hero lately and that continues to be the case since she’s another powerhouse of strength and capabilities.


She’s mighty and one of the ultimate heroes. Monica Rambeau is the leader of the Universal Avengers. Given her power set, history with all sorts of wacky and weird villains. She’s equipped to handle this team and whatever comes there way. Spectrum can do it all with her powers lending a hand to help her turn into any kind of energy.


Allen Thomas


Members: Spectrum (leader), Wiccan, Mockingbird, Spider-Woman, America, Justice, Shuri, Hawkeye

I think there are common elements that all A-list teams need, but they don’t need to rely on tradition. This set of Avengers has been around the block in different ways and they each bring something to the table which reinforces a progressive idea of Marvel’s premiere Avengers. Their abilities run the gamut and they prove they can work together despite differences in gender, experience, and age. This team is a chance for people to be back in the spotlight and for others to be elevated. Combining their skills will mean that Earth’s defenders may clash, but they’ll grow as a family at the end of the day.

Leader: Spectrum

Monica has more than proven herself as a leader. Her tenure as a hero has been marked by struggle and constant change, but she has always found a way to adapt. She has an incredible range of powers which are helpful in a variety of circumstances, from espionage to taking down interstellar threats. I’d love to see her at the top again and leading a new team of Avengers that dares to break from tradition.


I’m always fond of magic users and Wiccan is likely my absolute favorite. He’s still rather green, but he’s also inched closer to the big leagues. As he’s come into his own and better understood himself and his powers, he’s become a force to be reckoned with. He’d be a great moral and compassionate center for a team, but one who also knows how to work with conflict.


Every team needs a spy, and Bobbi is more than that. With recent changes, she’s become even more badass, but her penchant for infiltration and fighting makes her a valuable asset. Her Ph.D. in Biochemistry could be of import as well, helping her to understand her teammates and how they work on a new level, a useful tool in challenging villains and countering weaknesses.


Julia Carpenter needs a comeback and this would be it. At this point, after Civil War and becoming Madame Webb, she finds a way to gain her old powers, and maybe even remain a precog, in order to be on a team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. She takes the Spider-Woman moniker again, realizing that the world is her oyster and she doesn’t have to yield just because J. Drew (though I adore her too) is holding the title. As an Avengers vet, she’d provide necessary insight and support for the members both younger and older.


When it comes to powerhouses, many people go for a Hulk, but I go for America. Her image does not belie her strength, and she’s proven time and time again that she’s not afraid of Thanos or Captain Marvel. Her ability for interdimensional travel would certainly prove important in battle or if a parallel world needs help. America is the tank of this group of Avengers, and her tenacity and determination could very likely be their anchor when they need one most.


We haven’t seen Vance in a while, and this is a perfect chance for him to come back. His psychic abilities create new opportunities for his team. While his mutant genes seem to be rarely touched upon, he could provide a bridge between the Avengers and his people, mending old wounds and potentially creating alliances. Vance has experienced heartbreak and triumph of various tones, creating an emotional depth to him that could be vital in the face of threat or loss for this team of Avengers.


After being in Limbo for years, Shuri is back to take a Panther’s place among the Avengers. While she holds the same sense of duty as her brother, she also recognizes when to yield and work with others. Shuri as an addition to this team would add the support of Wakanda, while also challenging patriarchal ideals of royalty and diplomacy. Shuri is just the person to add a knack for political movement without sacrificing her ideals.


For this spot we want best Hawkeye, aka Kate Bishop. She’s been on the rise for the past couple of years, something she and the rest of her Young Avengers alums deserve. Among the ranks of America and Wiccan, Kate would be right at home. Working with Clint and challenging him to be more than his weaknesses or his past also helps her challenge the veteran members of the team in a way that is genuine and helps them grow and learn from each other in reflexive ways. Kate is a compassionate tactician and her talents would be more than recognized among this new team of Avengers.


Doug Zawisza


Members: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Wasp, Beast, Wonder Man, She-Hulk, Black Panther, Jocasta, Talisman

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

So many heroes. So many possibilities. To me, in order to be an Avengers team, there needs to be some “true” Avengers on the roster. Founders Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk fit the bill. As do Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Vision, and Scarlet Witch. The Avengers expand beyond that, and have had so many wonderful rosters, they’ve also provided readers with ample opportunities to learn much more about the Marvel Universe.

My first Avengers comic had Beast and Wonder Man on the cover. A few months later, Ghost Rider was riding Iron Man piggyback and blasting him in the face. So much seemed possible with this team, and variety blew my mind.

So when the editors on Comicosity issued the challenge to devise our own dream teams of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, I was thrilled. Then I was stumped by so very many possibilities. Here’s the rundown.

Captain America. Billed as the First Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steve Rogers is the heart, soul, and backbone of the Avengers. Add in one of the other Avengers from the founding days and the rest of the team will be worthy of the name “Avengers.”

That other co-founder? How about the Wasp. Not Hank Pym or Nadia, but the original Wasp – Janet Van Dyne. When I really got into following the Avengers and collecting their adventures, Janet was the chairperson. A woman of action, Janet is as comfortable outfitting her team as she is fighting alongside them. She’s outspoken and frequently right, and, given her experience as an Avenger, this team will be ready for anything.

Beast brings his bouncing blue energy to the team. Serving as the science lead, the mutant representative, and the wingman for the next Avenger up, Beast, to me, is as much an Avenger as he ever was a member of any other team.

Wonder Man is a ruggedly powerful character who brings energy and strength to the team. Paired with Beast, he also has the opportunity to provide some levity, not unlike the Blue and Gold (Blue Beetle and Booster Gold) pairing in Justice League International.

Just as powerful as Wonder Man, as outspoken as Wasp, and reliable as Cap, She-Hulk popped up every time I started building my roster. I tried subbing the Amadeus Cho Hulk in instead, but Jen is an Avenger. She belongs here and the Avengers are not quite complete without her.

Black Panther is one of my favorite Marvel characters who repeatedly seems to get short shrift. Riding the wave of his appearance on the silver screen coupled with his current critically acclaimed comic book series, Panther is the Avenger bringing the most mystery and the ability to deliver the unexpected.

Jocasta brings the legacy of Vision and Ultron with a dash of the unknown. Dan Slott gave her some depth in his work on Mighty Avengers, but she still seems to have plenty of room for growth. With Janet Van Dyne on the team, maybe some questions will get answered and some possibilities explored.

Talisman brings magic and experience to the Avengers. I wanted to add an Alpha Flight character, but with Beast on the team, Sasquatch seemed a tad redundant, at least visually. Talisman brings a different visual, balances the team’s abilities, and, like Jocasta, plenty of room for growth. The personalities on this team should bring out the best in Talisman, and she will certainly prove worthy of a roster spot.

So there you have it, just one of the many Avengers rosters I came up with. This was a fun activity, and gave me a chance to build a roster again, which is one of my favorite things to do as a mental activity.

Check back tomorrow for more Avengers dream rosters from the Comicosity staff! You can see our dream JLA rosters here: https://www.comicosity.com/dream-team-our-perfect-jla-rosters-part-4/


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