Hang On for Queer Life: 40 More LGBTA Webcomics to Know and Love

Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Trans. Asexual. Nonbinary. Poly.

It’s not easy to find the whole spectrum in monthly comics, but head on over to webcomics, and queer life blossoms. Last year, we looked at 40 awesome LGBTA webcomics here at Comicosity — but it’s time to up the ante. Below are 40 MORE webcomics to check out if you’re looking for new and exciting talent to follow, and stories that reflect our lives as we live them today.

And you know, in space. And fighting demons. And in full 17th century French regalia. As we do.

Blessed Cure

Created by Mario Cesar
Blessed Cure on Tapas.io

The story of Acácio do Nascimento, a man who was subjected to several treatments looking for a supposed cure for his homosexuality.


Centralia 2050

Created by Michelle

A girl named Midori wakes up lost amidst the hi-tech metropolis of Centralia. Without memories, her only connection to this place is a mysterious girl from her dreams. As she goes searching for this girl, she finds the city is not what it seems…



Created by A. Stiffler and K. Copeland

ChaosLife is a semi-autobiographical comic, focusing on the queer relationship between A. Stiffler and K. Copeland, who create the comic! It also delves into politics, GSM issues, mental health, pop culture, cats, and other randomness.


Cosmic Fishes

Created by Eliana Falcón

A coming-of-age tale of the different ghosts and monsters who change — for better or worse — as they attempt to uncover the mystery behind their existence and heal (or run) from past mistakes. The main character Acantha is ace/aro.



Created by Hamish Steele
DeadEndia on Tapas.io

Based on the Cartoon Hangover short “Dead End”, follow Barney, Norma and Pugsley as they struggle to make it to the next paycheque, while working at a theme park’s haunted house attraction which is (you guessed it) really haunted!


Deja Brew

Created by Taneka Stotts and Sara DuVall
Deja Brew on Stela.com

A fresh brew of coffee or a pot of tea is not all it seems at Bijou, where Tobias, an expelled witch academy student, works. When Ki, a frightened girl filled with someone else’s memories, shows up at Bijou, it will put Tobias through the toughest magical test he’s ever faced.


Demon Street

Created by Aliza Layne

Demon Street is a comic about exploring. It’s about quests and monsters and magic and choices.


The Disappearance of Melody Dean

Created by Alexis Sugden
The Disappearance of Melody Dean on Tapas.io

In an act of self defense, Melody’s life is changed forever, and in more ways than one. Now able to time travel, Melody finds herself tempted by possibility. How far will she go to protect the ones she loves?


Eth’s Skin

Created by Sfé R. Monster (with additional inks by Kory Bing)

Eth’s Skin is a comic about a fisher named Eth living on the edge of a ragged ocean. It’s a queer (and genderqueer) fantasy full of monsters and low tides, cool non-binary individuals, queer relationships, and a pet pygmy harbour seal named Goblin.


Failing Sky: Ghost Story

Created by Scout Tran-Caffee

An experimental narrative in ink & watercolor, with four interrelated stories: the memoir of a failed sailor, the quest of a traveling ghost, the adventure of a genderqueer Nancy Drew, and some rampaging giant robots. Of note, the characters are all transgender or genderqueer.


Gender Is Strange

Created by Alex Stanton

A funny comic about the experience of the author as a nonbinary person navigating gender expectations.


Go Get a Roomie

Created by Chlove

This webcomic follows the wild adventures of an upbeat hippie, living her life in love and joy. (And beer and sex.) You’ll get to meet her various other friends, all as lovely and bonkers as she is. This comic also includes an ace character!



Created by Ronnie Rene Ritchie

GQutie (pronounced gee-cutie!) is an autobiographical comic detailing one genderqueer artist’s thoughts, discoveries, and encounters when it comes to their gender and everything connected to it (which is a lot of things, it turns out).


The Hazards of Love

Created by Stan Stanley

This is the story of a queer teenager who made a few bad decisions and has found themselves in a world very far from Queens.



Created by Ahmara Smith
Hellbound on Tapas.io

As part of a deceitful land-grab by Volac (a King of Hell), Mike gets unjustly banished to eternal damnation to be used in a procedure that would tear a rift between space and time. The plan is simple: get back to Heaven and avoid capture, but it’s easier said than done.


Heroes of Thantopolis

Created by Izzy Hall

The conniving queen of the realm, Helene, taps Cyrus as her Champion and enlists him to fight against three wicked ghosts interested in taking over the city, in exchange for sending Cyrus home and getting his memories back. Luckily, Cyrus doesn’t have to do it alone.


Kiwi Blitz

Created by Mary Cagle

The adventures of a couple teenagers’ attempts to fight crime in the not-too-distant future. Imagine an American superhero cartoon mixed with a Japanese mecha anime.


Little Garden

Created by Darryl Ayo

Little Garden, the land behind the mists, the valley of the river of unforgiven sin, the place where monster girls roam. Here, we have Lizzie and Angela, teasing and flirting as usual.


Never Satisfied

Created by Taylor Robin

Lucy Marlowe, a magician’s apprentice, competes against other apprentices for an important magical government position, and deals with issues of class differences and how hard it can be to understand others. Never Satisfied features characters (Lucy, Tetsu, Rascal) that are non-binary, and use the pronouns they, them, and their.


Noir City

Created by Genten
Noir City on Tapas.io

In the permanently dark Noir City, fresh-faced detectives Zack and Ricky attempt to solve the city’s unnatural mysteries—from missing dames to lurking shadows that stalk dark corners. But underneath the city a darker secret lurks, and a decades old mystery begins to stir…



Created by KaiJu

It is 17th century France, the age of discovery and scientific revolution. Sulvain, a mysterious traveler, is absorbed in the Parisian academic scene. Through his friendship with the renowned Christian Huygens, Sulvain has the chance to study the latest discoveries of the distant cosmos. (We profiled it here!)


Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana

Created by Elaine Tipping

An ancient empire awakens, bent on reclaiming the world they once dominated. A small group of people, drawn together by a common cause, are determined to stop them. However, they face more than threats from the outside…. A queer, high fantasy comic (with a dash of sci fi).



Created by Tina Cortes

“Peach Fuzz” is a comic about the creator’s experiences as a polyamorous, trans chick.


Riot Nrrd

Created by RJ Edwards

A webcomic about being LGBT nerds, girl nerds, nerds of color, disabled nerds, and other kinds of nerds that don’t get as much love. This is a webcomic about being a nerd who’s constantly facing down sexism, racism, anti-LGBTQ bigotry, classism, ableism, fat-hate, and other prejudices and -isms from their nerdery of choice.


Rock and Riot

Created by Chelsey Furedi
Rock and Riot on Tapas.io

Rock and Riot follows the tales of two opposing teenage gangs in the 1950s with an LGBTQ theme! (We profiled it here!)



Created by Capp and Lin

A fantasy prohibition age heist comic with a bi-gender char and super queer cast! Shaderunners follows a group of ragtag bootleggers and bohemians who band together in an effort to steal colour from the wealthy echelons of Ironwell’s high society. Among them: a philosopher, a puppeteer, a gutter rat, an opera singer, a naval officer and a hopeless romantic.


Shades of A

Created by TA Klimpton

When openly asexual Anwar Sardar gets dragged to a kink night by his (soon to be ex) best mate, JD; he is surprised to make friends with Chris Slate, a middle aged transvestite with a penchant for Dr Who. Convinced they’ll never meet again Anwar puts him out of his mind, but the awkwardly charming man keeps turning up in his life.


Sharp Zero

Created by RobotSharks
Sharp Zero on Tapas.io

A superhero action comedy. The main character dies but it still doesn’t end because the underworld spat him back out. See how Superhumans and Supernatural collide.


Soul to Call

Created by Katherine L

The world has never been the same since the Fall. Over two thirds of the human population are dead, otherworldly abominations wander the ruins, and the occult runs rampant. In hopes of salvaging the only scrap of family remaining in her life, aloof courier Avril seeks an Anathema, a creature rumored to have the abilities that she’ll need if she wishes to be reunited with her blood. (Two of the main characters are asexual. Most others are on the queer spectrum.)



Created by Alakotila

Prentice is out of his element as an ex-soldier among thieves, but looking for that place to belong is worth the frustration. But a chance meeting in the forest leads Prentice to a cell in the city’s massive network of thieves!


Star Trip

Created by Gisele

Jas is fed up with living on earth and makes a deal with a stranded alien to get off the planet and into the galaxy on an adventure. But she learns that space travel and adventuring is not like what’s in her favourite sci-fi stories.


Strange Lore

Created by Viktor Kerney
Strange Lore on Tapas.io

A horrific crisis forces 19-year-old Brandon Hanks to leave Chicago, and live with his grandmother in the sleepy town of Marion, South Carolina. As he settles into his new home, Brandon meets the cavalier and handsome Jackson Garrett. The chemistry between the two boys is instantaneous.


Tales from the Well

Created by Jessica and Jacinta
Tales from the Well on Tapio.io

A boy prince falls down a cursed well and goes on creepy adventures in the underworld. He teams up with two sisters to find a way home. Ace-friendly adventure!


Title Unrelated

Created by G

Three adopted sisters (Erin, Twapa and Mara) and their best friend Ciaran befriend a mysterious stranger named Xe who has no memory of his past. While visiting her cousin’s family estate in eastern Europe, Mara is kidnapped and her family and friends travel through a gateway to a parallel world in search of the missing girl…


Us Honorless Few

Created by Chelsea Harrington
Us Honorless Few on Tapas.io

Drugged and confused a young man finds himself stranded in a strange land facing monsters, odd locals, and the mystery of who is behind it all. There are no romance subplots here, and a few asexual characters appear regularly!



Created by Scout Tran-Caffee

Weekly comic strip about dangerous genders, rendered in gorgeous watercolor.



Created by Kate Ashwin

Widdershins is a series of Victorian-era adventure stories, set in the fictional town of Widdershins, West Yorkshire- England’s magical epicentre, home to bounty hunters, failed wizards, stage magicians, and more, besides.



Created by Alexis Sergio, Frankie Ruiz, and Valerie St. Gelais
Wish on WebToons

Not all heroes wear capes. Some do, but not all. Seth was one such person when their life changed forever. We follow a Latinx non-binary cutie as they learn to be a hero and maybe get a smooch or two along the way.


With Great Abandon

Created by EH MacMillian

Harry is a gay trans man, Russell is gay cis man, and With Great Abandon is a queer romance set over the course of a year in London. It’s the story of their differences, their similarities, and their relationship. A hopeful and kind story. Also food.


Yellow Hearts

Created by Keezy Young
Yellow Hearts on SparklerMonthly.com

Three kids make an ill-advised (but well-intentioned) deal with a demon in the woods one day. Twenty years later, Levi, Rowan, and Alder meet again to find out their past has caught up to them. But a lot changes in twenty years, and they aren’t as innocent as they used to be.


Even with the previous 40, this is still ONLY the beginning of what’s out there in LGBTA webcomics! If you know of one you love, tweet at Comicosity and let us know for our next list!


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