HOT FIVE: Week of April 2nd, 2014

Welcome to Comicosity’s Hot Five. Hot Five is a short list of the top books we think you’ll want to be checking out. Be they new title launches, key issues or just continuing stories from some of the industry’s most acclaimed books, this list is your guaranteed gold for the week in the comic market!

Detective 30DETECTIVE COMICS #30
Written by Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul
Art by Francis Manapul
Published by DC Comics – $3.99

A bold new direction for DETECTIVE COMICS as THE FLASH creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccelato take over the creative reins! Batman finds himself knee-deep in a new mystery involving a deadly new narcotic that has hit the streets of Gotham City.

Why It’s Hot: The creative team that launched The Flash in The New 52 with an unforgettable, critically acclaimed run are headed to Gotham City. Let’s be honest, it’s Francis Manapul taking his talents to world of the Dark Knight, you know it’s a must read.


Written by Charles Soule
Art by Joe Madureria
Published by Marvel Comics – $3.99

The newest super heroes of the Marvel Universe are born! A cloud of Terrigen mist is moving around the world turning regular people into Inhumans with amazing powers. But not everyone thinks this is a good thing. Discover the secret history of the Marvel Universe and get in at the ground floor of the next big Marvel franchise!

Why It’s Hot: The end of Infinity set up the Inhumans as the next big Marvel property. Granted the book has had a creative shift, and is a few months late, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is one of the biggest, most important Marvel launches of the year. Newly crowned (by me) superstar writer Charles Soule teams up with one of the all time great artists in Joe Mad to elevate the Inhumans to a premiere Marvel franchise. This is one series that is not to be missed!

starlight_2STARLIGHT #2
Written by Mark Millar
Art by Goran Parlov
Published by Image Comics/Millarworld – $2.99

Duke McQueen once saved an alien world from destruction — but it happened in a place nobody believes in, during a time nobody remembers. Surrounded by memories of his late wife and his happier past, Duke’s days as a hero are long gone…or so he thinks! Now, a young visitor from the world Duke once saved is coming to him with a desperate plea for help. It’s one last chance at adventure for Duke, and another chapter to unfold in the ever-expanding Millarworld Universe!

Why It’s Hot: After a critically acclaimed debut issue, Starlight is ready to take Duke McQueen back to the stars, but is Duke ready to leave it all behind? Writer Mark Millar proved the doubters wrong by showing a depth to his writing that hasn’t been seen in quite awhile. Heartfelt, deep, meaningful, and action packed this series looks to be on it’s way to being something special. Did I mention the Goran Parlov art? It might just be the most wonderful aspect of a wonderful book.

stormwatch 30STORMWATCH #30
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jeremy Roberts
Published by DC Comics – $2.99

A “FUTURES END” prelude! The original Stormwatch team returns, as this story sets up the organization’s role in the future of the DC Universe!

Why It’s Hot: This iteration of Stormwatch may be coming to an end, but it’s going out with a bang! This final issue serves as a prelude to one of the biggest DC stories of the year, the upcoming weekly Futures End. If you’re planning on following the DC Universe five years into the future next month, you won’t want to miss this issue. This has all the makings of an overlooked, under ordered issue, so pick it up while you can!


Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Dave Marquez, Mark Bagley, Mark Brooks, Stuart Immonen, and David Lafuente
Published by Marvel Comics – $4.99

• The world mourns on the anniversary of Peter Parker’s death
• A gathering of Spidey’s friends and foes reveal some shocking truths about Peter and his world
• One of the biggest surprise endings of the year!

Why It’s Hot: Over 13 years ago when Brian Michael Bendis helped launch the Ultimate Universe almost nobody expected the experiment to work, let alone fathomed that the line’s flagship title would reach this monumental milestone. With Bendis writing every single issue, the series has consistently been one of the best, and most eventful books on the racks for well over a decade. From the extended origin story, the beautiful secret reveal in issue 13, the introduction of Geldoff (that one’s for you Bendis), the Peter/Wolverine body swap, the Peter/Kitty relationship, the events of Ultimatum, Spidey and his amazing friends, the death of Peter Parker to the historic introduction of Miles Morales, and the tragic events of the Venom War story, this book has provided plenty of action, heart, shock, and surprise. It has just been great moment after great moment, and will go down in history as one of the best comic series ever. Now it’s time to join Bendis and many of the artists that helped him along the way in celebrating 200 issues of sustained excellence.

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