HOT FIVE: Week of June 19, 2013

Every week, Comicosity brings you our Hot Five, a short list of the top books we think you’ll want to be checking out. Be they new title launches, key issues or just continuing stories from some of the industry’s most acclaimed books, this list is your guaranteed gold for the week in the comic market.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Brandon Peterson and Joe Quesada

Published by Marvel Comics — $3.99

The biggest secret in comics will be revealed to you! An ending so confidential…even the artists of this book don’t know what lies on the final pages…! A surprise so big that comic book legend Joe Quesada himself returns to the pages of Marvel Comics to draw a sequence that people will be talking about for years.
*All covers of Age Of Ultron #10 will be polybagged

Why It’s Hot: No matter whether you’ve enjoyed Age of Ultron or have been less than entertained, there’s no question this final issue (with its so-secret reveal it had to be polybagged) is going to be the HOT talk of the week. So hot, that I’m not even sure the other four on this list will even get comic market air. If you want to be in the know this week, missing this issue is not an option.

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Written by Joe Harris
Art by Michael Walsh

Published by IDW Publishing — $3.99

For years they investigated the paranormal, pursued the “monsters of the week,” and sought the truth behind extraterrestrial activity, along with the grand conspiracy surrounding it rooted deep within their own government. But when AGENTS MULDER and SCULLY reunite for a new, ongoing series that ushers THE X-FILES into a new era of technological paranoia, multinational concerns and otherworldly threats, it’ll take more than a desire “to believe” to make it out alive. The X-Files: Season 10 also sees creator Chris Carter return to the fold as Executive Producer!

Why It’s Hot: Following other successful revitalizations of cancelled television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville, X-Files is an absolutely natural show to expand into a comic book series. I mean, how many of us didn’t love the world created there? I, for one, am looking forward to revisiting the conspiracy all over again in some fresh stories made for the comic reader!

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Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Eduardo Risso
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo — $3.99

BROTHER LONO is a brand-new 8-issue miniseries set in the world of 100 BULLETS! The Eisner award-winning team behind 100 BULLETS-writer Brian Azzarello, artist Eduardo Risso, colorist Trish Mulvihill, letterer Clem Robbins and cover artist Dave Johnson-reunites to tell the story of the baddest Minuteman of all. When last we saw Lono in 100 BULLETS, Dizzy Cordova had shot him through the chest…but Lono always was too tough to die. Now, after the final events of 100 BULLETS, Lono finds himself in Mexico working on the side of the angels. But there’s always more to a 100 BULLETS story, so pick up this EXTRA-SIZE first issue to see what’s really going on with BROTHER LONO, the cold-blooded killer you hate to love!

Why It’s Hot: 100 Bullets is one of Vertigo’s most successful series to date, running an impressive 100 issues (imagine that). Suffice to say, it wasn’t enough, as the original creators return to revisit one of the most popular characters from the book. Wanting to support creators coming back to revisit their own creator-owned work? This is the title for you.

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Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Victor Ibenez and Pere Perez

Published by Dark Horse Comics — $2.99

Piloting a World War II dive-bomber, Captain Midnight-fighter pilot extraordinaire and expert inventor-hurtles out of a freak storm in the Bermuda Triangle and into the twenty-first century, where he’s in for more than one surprise as he enters the modern era! Collects the three stories from Dark Horse Presents #18-#20.

Why It’s Hot: Captain Midnight was the second feature in this year’s Free Comic Book Day edition from Dark Horse Comics and it left all of us wanting more. Here’s the primer for next month’s number one that looks to be the perfect blend of classic storytelling and modern conspiracy around our heroes.

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Written by Justin Jordan
Art by Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy

Published by DC Comics — $2.99

The Templar Guardians have been locked away for millennia, but they have a VERY clear idea of what they need to do next – and of all the Lanterns in the universe, they need Kyle Rayner’s help. So it’s a shame he wants nothing to do with them! But once he sees the strange anomaly lurking at the edge of the universe, he may have no choice but to get on board with their mission…

Why It’s Hot: Continuing a brand new era in the Green Lantern family of titles, new series writer Justin Jordan takes Kyle Rayner (some readers are calling him Space Jesus) off in a new direction — this time with actual “New Guardians.” Follow the adventures of the White Lantern and his new charges as we learn more about the future facing our emerald warriors post-Geoff Johns.

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