HOT FIVE: Week of May 1, 2013

Every week, Comicosity brings you our Hot Five, a short list of the top books we think you’ll want to be checking out. Be they new title launches, key issues or just continuing stories from some of the industry’s most acclaimed books, this list is your guaranteed gold for the week in the comic market.

Written by Gail Simone
Art by Freddie E. Williams

Published by DC Comics — $2.99

We are faceless. We are limitless. We see all. And we do not forgive.
Who defends the powerless against the GREEDY and the CORRUPT? Who protects the homeless and poverty-stricken from those who would PREY upon them in the DARK OF NIGHT?
When those who are sworn to protect us abuse their power, when toxic government calls down super-human lackeys to force order upon the populace…finally, there is a force, a citizen’s army, to push order BACK.
Let those who abuse the system know this as well: We have our OWN super humans now. They are not afraid of your badges or Leagues. And they will not be SILENCED.
We are your neighbors. We are your co-workers. And we are your children.

Why It’s Hot: Lots of mystery surrounding this book, but here’s what we know: a) the cast of young characters is exceptionally diverse, with many races, backgrounds, and sexual orientations represented; b) this is a title writer Gail Simone has been pitching for a very long time and features not just new characters, but at least one unbenched DCU heroine; c) Freddie E. Williams blew us away on Captain Atom and now we get his brilliance back in monthly form; and d) fans of the pre-New 52 Secret Six are going to want to check this out. SOLD!

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Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Art by Ben Templesmith

Published by Image Comics — $2.99

Joe Fitzgerald was a mob enforcer until the day he met Laura, who convinced him to leave that world behind.  Before quitting, Joe agreed to one last job, little realizing that the man he’d been sent to kill was deeply involved in demonology.  He survived Joe’s attempt and came after him, fatally wounding Joe and killing Laura.  As he lay dying, an angelic force (who may or may not be what she appears) pointed out that where she is going, he can’t follow, and where he is going, he wouldn’t want her to follow.  But if he will agree to work for them as a different kind of enforcer, they will bring him to life and keep on bringing him to life every time he is killed in a righteous cause.  The reward: for those five minutes of death, he will be with Laura again.  Would you endure an eternity of pain and death, dying over and over, to be with the woman you love for just five minutes each time you died?  Most people might say no.  But Joe Fitzgerald isn’t most people.

A bold new era begins with the long-anticipated return of Joe’s Comics, the imprint that brought you MIDNIGHT NATION and RISING STARS.  All-new stories from J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI (Babylon 5, Jeremiah, Thor, Amazing Spider-Man, Superman: Earth One) return in 2013 with an action packed line up featuring everything from superhero action to supernatural thrillers. Watch this space as a new wave of exciting, challenging and experimental stories begins!

Why It’s Hot: Joe’s Comics is back! And with the artistic stylings of Ben Templesmith on board, Ten Grand is bound to be an instant hit this Wednesday. Don’t miss out!

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Written by Dan Slott
Art by Ryan Stegman
Published by Marvel Comics — $3.99

IT ENDS HERE! “SUPERIOR NO MORE!” The hottest comic in comics comes to a turning point that will get you angrier than you were after Spidey #700! The time has come to see who will live, who will die, and who will emerge as the one, true Superior Spider-Man!

Why It’s Hot: Fans were relieved at the end of Superior Spider-Man #1 when the ghost of Peter Parker proved that the Spider-Man everyone loved and cherished was not gone for good. So, is this issue the beginning of the road back for Peter, or yet another swerve away from Parker’s return? Whichever path this takes, there’s sure to be a bumpy road ahead!

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Written by Brian Buccellato
Art by Ronan Cliquet and Billy Tan
Published by Dynamite Entertainment — $3.99

A classic pulp from the 30’s returns in this modern take on a seminal character that inspired several well-known comic icons. Tony Quinn is a brash Defense Attorney to the mob who compromises his ethics for financial gain. When he refuses to cross the line and commit murder, he is tortured and blinded by his gangster employers. But when a fortuitous meeting with a covert agency gives him a chance to make amends, Tony transforms into the Black Bat and embarks on a redemptive quest to right the wrongs of his past.

Why It’s Hot: From the co-writer of Flash comes yet another reinvention of a classic pulp hero from Dynamite. If you’re loving the range of heroes the publisher has been putting back on the shelves, from the Green Hornet and the Shadow to Miss Fury and the Spider, you should definitely check this one out!

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Written by Jason M. Burns
Art by Amy Meberson

Published by Ape Comics — $3.99

Sunny Day! Chase the clouds away as Sesame Street comes to comics for the first time! Join Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, Cookie Monster, and all of your favorites in this fantastic first issue! Featured this issue, Elmo decides to become a superhero, but he doesn’t have any powers! It will be up to the always lovable Super Grover to teach Elmo that he can have any superpowers he wants, because he already has the greatest superpower – imagination! Available with 5 interlocking covers.

Why It’s Hot: Two words: Super Grover. Nuff said.


So, those are ours, but what are your Hot Five for the week? Sound off below, shout out to us on Facebook or on Twitter to @Comicosity!


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