HOT FIVE: Week Of May 11, 2016

Welcome to Comicosity’s Hot Five. Hot Five is a short list of the top books we think you’ll want to be checking out. Be they new title launches, key issues or just continuing stories from some of the industry’s most acclaimed books, this list is your guaranteed gold in the comic market.


Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Freddie Williams
Published by DC Comics & IDW Publishing – $3.99

The crossover event of the year comes to its thrilling conclusion. The Turtles have one last, desperate shot at going home. But will they take it, knowing what nefarious plans Shredder has for Gotham City? It’s full-on ninja warfare as our heroes go up against the combined forces of the Foot Clan and the League of Assassins. Co-published with IDW.

Why It’s Hot: I don’t think many readers expected this crossover between Batman, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to be this good. Tynion and Williams brought out the best in both properties, mixed it all together, and crafted a mini series that is a must read for fans of either set of characters. It’s going to be sad to see it end, but one can hope that this won’t be the last time we see this creative team bring these characters together.


Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Art by Brian Stelfreeze
Published by Marvel Comics – $3.99

• The darkest chapter of the Black Panther mythos continues as Wakanda crumbles from within.
•  Enter: The Midnight Angels! Two mysterious women leading the citizen revolt against the current regime of Wakanda, challenging not only T’Challa’s politics but also his resolve. But will their rage provide more for the people than the royal family has thus far?
•  Written by MacArthur Genius and National Book Award winner TA-NEHISI COATES (Between the World and Me) and illustrated by living legend BRIAN STELFREEZE!
Rated T

Why It’s Hot: The anticipation for this new Black Panther series was extremely high. You had a long time veteran in Brian Stelfreeze illustrating the comic debut of one America’s leading black voices a month before the character made his big screen debut. High expectations oftentimes lead to disappointment, but that wasn’t the case here. The creative team hit a monster home run in their debut. Coates handled the first issue like he had written hundreds of comic book issues. Brian Stelfreeze turned in one of, if not THE most impressive work of his great career. Everything about the issue was top notch, and proved that Black Panther was here to stay as one of the most important characters in the Marvel Universe. I have a feeling that this series is just going to get better and better.


Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Jason Latour
Published by Image Comics – $3.50

The big game is over. But the troubles have only just begun. The return of Roberta Tubb.

Why It’s Hot: Southern Bastards features the talents of two of the top creators in the business today at their unbridled best. Aaron and Latour have created one of the premiere creator owned comics currently being published, and this is an issue fans have been waiting awhile for. This is going to be good!


Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Steve Lieber
Published by Image Comics – $3.99

Mac is injured in the line of duty and Roy seeks the help of another detective with a tough case.

Why It’s Hot: The first issue of The Fix was awesome. This series is Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber reuniting for a creator owned title reminiscent of their previous work on Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, but with the craziness ramped up x1000. The debut issue was violent, dark, and hilarious, with a clever hook that made readers eager to see would happen next. If you haven’t read the first issue, pick it up this week alongside the second. You don’t want to fall behind on this series, and end up wondering why you weren’t reading it from the beginning.



Written by Tom King
Art by Michael Walsh
Published by Marvel Comics – $3.99

•  Once upon a time a robot and a witch fell in love. What followed was a tale of the dead and the dying, of the hopeful and the lost, of the wronged and the avenged. And in the end, after both had fallen, the witch and the robot rose from their dirt and eyed each other across a field of blood and bone.
•  Forty-five years in the making, this is the story of Scarlet Witch and the Vision. Before family, there was love. And war.

Why It’s Hot: In six issues Tom King, and the entire creative team have made The Vision one of the best comics being published today. If the series ended today it would still have the potential to be one of those evergreen series that people would be raving about thirty years from now. Lucky for us the story is only half done. As the second half of this instant classic begins, we get King putting his stamp on the classic Vision/Scarlet Witch relationship with guest artist Michael Walsh. Not only is that awesome on its own merits, but the fact that the little movie called “Captain America: Civil War” featured both characters in interesting roles makes this issue even more relevant to today’s superhero landscape.

ALSO AVAILABLE THIS WEEK:  Batman #52, Gotham Academy #18, Penny Dreadful #1, Starfire #12, The Ultimates #7

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