HOT FIVE: Week Of May 16, 2018

Welcome to Comicosity’s Hot Five. Hot Five is a short list of the top books we think you’ll want to be checking out. Be they new title launches, key issues or just continuing stories from some of the industry’s most acclaimed books, this list is your guaranteed gold in the comic market.

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Ed McGuinness (Pencils), Mark Morales, Jay Leisten (Inks), David Curiel (Colors)
Published by Marvel Comics – $3.99

• Black Panther and Dr. Strange battle for their lives deep within the earth…

• Captain Marvel battles death and destruction raining down from the skies…

• …while Thor, Iron Man and Captain America lead the valiant (yet hopeless) fight against the Final Host of Dark Celestials.

• And Ghost Rider and the Savage Hulk make brutal war against…each other?

• Plus, you can’t have a gathering of Avengers without a certain Prince of Lies, now can you?

Why It’s Hot: Dead Celestials are dropping out of the sky as the Final Host of The Dark Celestials has arrived on Earth. That sounds like a good excuse for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to assemble once again. The big guns of the Marvel Universe are brought back together by a familiar face, and long buried secrets of the Marvel Universe will begin to unravel. One of the best writers in all of comics teams up with one of the best big action artists in the industry for the second issue of their run featuring the most popular fictional characters on the planet today.

Written by Tom King
Art by Tony Daniel (Pencils), Danny Miki, Sandu Florea (Inks), Tomeu Morey (Colors)
Published by DC Comics – $2.99

THE GIFT part three! As Booster Gold, Batman and Catwoman zero in on the time anomaly, what they find and their actions to correct it will have ramifications on all of the DC Universe. Tom King and Master Class artist Tony S. Daniel end their first story with a bang that will tee up the next big development in the Batman/Catwoman romance.

Why It’s Hot: Booster Gold has messed up the timeline and now he must fix it with Catwoman by his side. By the time it’s all said and done you’ll be left in awe by Booster’s new look, and a shocking death done in a way that only the great Tom King can pull off. All of this accompanied by some of the best work Tony Daniel has turned out in years. Did I mention Tom King writing Booster Gold? Well that has been pretty damn cool, and hopefully we see it again sometime soon. A story that appeared to be a hold over to get to the wedding has turned into so much more. With King and Daniel on the creative team we should have expected nothing less.

Written by Joe Keatinge
Art by Wook Jin Clark (Pencils), Tamra Bonavillan (Colors)
Published by Image Comics – $3.99

SERIES PREMIERE! Within a strange walled city, an unlicensed chef discovers a mystery that threatens to end it all. Join JOSEPH KEATINGE (GLORY, SHUTTER) and WOOK JIN CLARK (Adventure Time: The Flip Side) on this culinary epic adventure-FLAVOR-where chefs are the ultimate celebrity and food is the most valued commodity. The high-stakes competition of Hunger Games collides with the lush, MIYAZAKI-esque worldbuilding in this delectable new ongoing series featuring culinary consulting and bonus content by ALI BOUZARI, renowned food scientist and author of the IACP Award-winning cookbook Ingredient: Unveiling the Essential Elements of Food.

Why It’s Hot: This comic has potential to be huge for Image Comics and you’ll want to get on the bandwagon before it becomes the cool thing to do. Flavor is Joe Keatinge and Wook Jin Clark telling a futuristic YA culinary adventure with the great Tamra Bonavillain on colors. Every creator is on top of their game and arguably turning out the best work of their careers. The setting and concept are unique while the characters we are introduced to will charm you from the get go. This was one of my favorite creator owned debuts of the year, and if there’s any justice in comics this will be something special both creatively and financially for all involved.

Written by Scott Snyder, Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV
Art by Francis Manapul, Marcus To (Pencils), HI-FI (Colors)
Published by DC Comics – $3.99

The teams arrive at Brainiac’s home world to find it already in chaos. Only by splitting up and journeying to the four cosmic trees of Colu will they have any hope of saving the planet…but what’s waiting for them will test the true mettle of their new alliances!

Why It’s Hot: Snyder, Williamson, Tynion, and Manapul got the new era of the Justice League off to an explosive start. After the wild ending to the debut issue Earth’s greatest heroes and some villains are left millions of miles away from home with no plan, and a mission to save not only an entire planet but possibly the entire universe. This stuff is as big as superhero comics get, but the best reason to stick around is for all of the strange bedfellows and smaller interactions between characters you never expected to see together. Oh and Starro. Starro as a member of the Justice League is definitely worth the price of admission alone.

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Jen Bartel, Ramon Perez (Pencils), Matthew Wilson (Colors)
Published by Marvel Comics – $4.99


“The Death of the Mighty Thor” has come and gone. But Jane Foster’s power to inspire lives on – even in the far future! Don’t miss the tribute to Jason Aaron’s epic tale of Thor and the mighty hammer Mjolnir, drawn by rising star Jen Bartel!

And with or without a Thor, the War of Realms continues. As Malekith’s power grows, the realms will fall – and who is left to stop him? Eisner Award-winning artist Ramón Pérez kicks off the next stage of Jason Aaron’s ongoing saga.

Why It’s Hot: Jane Foster may no longer be Thor, but her legacy will live on for years to come. Jason Aaron is joined by two of the best artists around today that explore and celebrate Jane Foster’s impact on the Thor mythos while teasing what lies ahead for not only Jane but the entire Ten Realms. In the first story Jen Bartel helps bring back the Goddesses Of Thunder from the far future as their relationship with Jane is explored. That’s followed up by Ramon Perez giving us a tease at what lies ahead as the War Of The Realms continues to heat up. If you’re a fan of Jane Foster as Thor, or looking forward to next month’s relaunch this is a beautiful, must read special.


* Assassinistas #5
* Barrier #3
* Brave & The Bold: Batman & Wonder Woman #4
* Crude #2
* Gideon Falls #3
* Infinity Countdown: Daredevil #1
* Infidel #3
* Kick Ass #4
* Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27
* New Challengers #1
* Quicksilver: No Surrender #1
* Superman Special #1
* The Wicked + The Divine #36
* X-Men Red #4
* X-Men: The Wedding Special

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