Interview: Boothby and Lagace Unleash the EXORSISTERS

It’s always a drag when demons are ruining the good things in life. Weddings just aren’t the most fun when a portal from Hell disrupts the show. Luckily, the Exorsisters are around to sort things out. Ian Boothby and Gisèle Lagace’s new creator owned series hits stores October 17th and the two were kind enough to give me the scoop about who these Exorsisters are…

Aaron Long: How did Exorsisters come to be? How did the two of you start working together? 

Ian Boothby: Artist Nick Bradshaw introduced us. We both had outrageous gambling debts and Nick decided this might be a way for us to pay him back.

Gisèle Lagace: Hahaha! Actually, I was looking for someone new to collaborate with and asked Nick who he’d recommend for a funny writer to work with, and he suggested Ian. Glad he did!

AL: So who are Kate & Cate? What do the Exorsisters do? 

IB: Kate and Cate are known as twins that will get you out of any demonic trouble you get into but if you read the first issue you’ll see there’s more to who they are than that. The series is about lies and family.

AL: Will the Exorsisters be taking on one-shot cases in this series, or will each issue be part of a larger narrative? 

IB: Hopefully most issues will deliver a full story on their own but there definitely is something in the shadows that they’ll have to deal with. Literally the shadows. Keep an eye on those.

GL: Yup, interesting shadows indeed.

AL: Gisèle, you do a great job of giving Kate and Cate polar opposite personalities through the artwork, while maintaining their similar aesthetic. Can you discuss your design process for the Exorsisters?

GL: I tend to design as I’m working on the pages. I went in thinking I’d do something that would look like xxxHolic from CLAMP but it came out looking like me! So total fail on that attempt, haha! As I draw more issues, I’m sure I’ll discover what works and what doesn’t, and I’ll adjust slightly. Having them look the same facial wise is fairly easy. Their mannerism and opposite fashion style is what will help the reader differentiate them.

AL: What is the most fun aspect of drawing Hell and designing demons?

GL: I guess, that you can throw many rules out the window. You have to make it up, so there’s something fun about having that freedom. It can also be challenging, but I like challenges.

AL: This will be the hardest question probably, by far: are you a Cate or a Kate? 

IB: Gisele spent her 20s being a rock star so I’d say she’s the Kate. I spent it playing nerds on TV so I’m putting myself down as a Cate.

GL: Yeah, I’m a Kate. If you pay close attention to her musical taste via band shirts and posters on the wall, you’ll get to know me a little better in the process.

AL: Any final words for Comicosity’s readers about Exorsisters?

IB: The comic is worth picking up for Gisele’s art alone but if you feel like reading the words as well, there are some floating around her amazing drawings.

GL: You’d think Ian has gambling debts with me! In all seriousness, the stories are really fun, and I’m having fun drawing them. There’s a great mix of action, intrigue, and horror, spiced with the just the right amount of humor.

Exorsisters #1 hits stores October 17, 2018 from Image Comics.


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