Interview: J. Torres Kickstarts TRUE PATRIOT VOL. 2

The creators of the True North are returning with a vengeance as True Patriot Volume 2 storms onto the Kickstarter scene. J. Torres continues to spearhead the project, featuring Canadian characters created by Canadian artists and writers. J. took time out of his schedule to discuss the campaign, the creators involved with the project, and how you can get on the True Patriot bandwagon.

Aaron Long: True Patriot is back in campaign mode for a second volume, can you discuss how the push for volume 2 started coming together? What went into deciding to get the band back together for a second campaign?

5ee7424fcdab8e8e6ae33fc210691dee_largeJ. Torres: Well, fans were asking if we were planning a second volume pretty much as soon as we announced the first! So you can say it started back then. But really, most of the creators involved want to tell more stories with their characters, and that’s always been the plan. The how, where, and when were the only questions. We talked about going digital, some discussed finding publishers to continue their stories but ultimately we decided to come together again and produce True Patriot: Volume 2.

AL: Speaking of the band, what creators are back for the second volume of True Patriot? Will the stories in volume 2 be continuations of volume 1, or is the second volume purely new content?

JT: Everyone is back is except one creator who’s too busy to commit right now, but I get the feeling that they’ll find time for this. All the stories are going to be new, some continuations, but most, like the stories in the first book, will be stand-alone. We’ve got previous contributors like Tom Fowler changing gears and working on a new concept, and Arthur Dela Cruz who did design and production for book one is contributing a story for book two. Also, the Bluenoser team is going to do a Gull Girl story this time. Then there are the “new patriots” Jeff Lemire and Paul Rivoche, each contributing new stories featuring superheroes of their own creation.

AL: You’ve got some very well known creators building some truly Canadian heroes in True Patriot. What do you feel these Canadian heroes (by the hands of Canadian creators) bring to the world of comics?

JT: More cool Canadian heroes of course! Heroes that feel authentically Canadian, kind of like how Alpha Flight read under Byrne. It’s hard to put a finger on it, or define it, at least I think so, but you know it when you read it. In any case, there aren’t a lot of Canadian superheroes in comics right now. Plenty of Canadian artists and writers, though. So why not bring the two together for some fun comics! Comics everyone can enjoy, Canadian or not.

c5ae4cb5186a57b234bace6410e921cf_largeAL: You’re over the half way mark for funding less than half way through the campaign, with one successful campaign under your belt. Did you learn some things from your campaign for volume 1 that have made volume 2 proceed more smoothly?

JT: Plenty! I could write a book, but I don’t have time because this crowd-funding thing is like a full-time job, at least while the campaign is running and then again when it’s time for fulfillment, sending out those books, going store to store to promote it, etc. But it’s very rewarding work if you ask me, seeing something go from concept all the way to actually, physically delivering a book to store and even seeing a fan thumb through it right there and then and smile and then put down their hard-earned money for a copy.

b9703059165a2077042229a1e75741b3_largeAL: Can you discuss your pledge levels and rewards for backers of True Patriot volume 2? What sort of swag can fans get their hands on from this campaign?

JT: We’ve rewards ranging from $5 to $1000. The main attraction is the book itself, a 104-page full colour hardcover just like the last one. That ranges from $35-45 including shipping depending on where you are in the world. But there’s plenty you can add on to that book purchase from a bookplate with a sketch by one of our artists to bundles that include a True Patriot t-shirt designed by J. Bone, prints by Tom Fowler and Ramon Perez respectively, a sticker set, sketchbooks, notebooks, and more.

AL: Any final words for Comicosity’s readers regarding the second volume of True Patriot?

JT: The first book virtually sold out its print run in two months. A lot of people regretted not jumping on board right away. Don’t make that mistake this time! If you liked the first True Patriot, you’ll love the new book. Check out the PDF preview for a taste if you’ve never heard of True Patriot before. Or visit our campaign page every Wednesday for a page from a 4-part Arrowhead story created by Jay Stephens especially for this Kickstarter. We’ve got a lot of cool stuff going on, so please check it out and tell all your friends!


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