Interview: KaBOOM! into Halloween with Comics Instead of Candy

AdventureTime32_coverAInstead of giving away candy this Halloween how about a treat for the mind? KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios is offering a package of 50 comics for just $20 so you can hand out comics to trick-or-treaters coming to your door. Titles offered in the package include Garfield, Peanuts, Bravest Warriors, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Amazing World of Gumball and Bee and PuppyCat.

We got a chance to talk to the President of Publishing and Marketing over at BOOM! Studios, Filip Sablik about the drive behind getting parents to pass out comics this October 31st.

Jessica Boyd: How did BOOM! decide to offer a comics alternative to candy?

Filip Sablik: We’ve been working with our comic book market distributor, Diamond Comic Distributors, for years on their Halloween Comicfest contributing a mini-comic for retailers to hand out during Halloween in their stores. This year our operations team had the great idea to take it one step further and offer our fans a similar option.

JB: How was it decided which titles to include?

FS: We wanted to make sure that it was a great mix of our best all-ages material. It’s important to remember that any of these could be someone’s first exposure to the medium and in the case of trick-or-treaters, they are probably younger readers so we want this to be a comic that pulls them in as a new fan. One of the great things about the way our editors approach the material at KaBOOM!, which is with each issue standing well on its own. That way it doesn’t matter if you get the first issue of a series like Garfield or the twentieth issue. We’ve packed the bundles with copies of comics from series like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Peanuts, and Garfield!

JB: How do you feel passing out a comic instead of candy can impact kids this Halloween?

FS: A comic can open a world of imagination and spark a lifelong passion for reading and art. I know it did for me and for many of the people that work at BOOM! Candy just gives you sugar high and cavities. But we like candy, too (in moderation).

JB: What age range and reading levels can parents find in these comics packs?

FS: All of our KaBOOM! titles are appropriate for all-ages. Series like Peanuts and Garfield are perennial classics that can be read to very young children or enjoyed by readers of any age. Regular Show and Adventure Time are appropriate for all-ages, but targeted a bit more towards readers 5-10 as they tend to be more dense.

Garfield30_coverJB: Often kids have heard or occasionally seen a comic but may have never owned one, without growing up in a comic house. Do you think this could get more kids through the doors of comic stores?

FS: Absolutely. It would be great to create new fans on any level, whether they come in to buy comics at their local comic shop, occasionally pick up a collection at a book store or on Amazon, explore new series on their phones or tablet devices through digital partners, or even start attending conventions. Even if a comic opens them to the joy of reading in general, it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

JB: Is there the possibility you might offer more packs like for other holidays?

FS: I think there is a very good chance we will do more packs like this for appropriate holidays.

JB: Is there anything else you would like Comicosity readers know about?

FS: Even if you don’t decide to take advantage of the KaBOOM! Trick Or Treat Pack, consider sharing your love of comics with trick-or-treaters on Halloween by giving out some older all-ages comics. Let’s foster the next generation of readers!

I want to thank Filip for letting us tell you about this great program. If you do take advantages of this fantastic offer I’ve also got a few tricks up my own sleeve:

  • Get postcards, business cards or bookmarks from your local comic shop to include with the comics you give out to those who come to your door
  • Print off mini-maps from the internet of the location of your local comic shop so people have no reason not to know how to get there from your neighborhood.
  • Consider including a brief paragraph or description of how comics work for those who might not know (that they come out every Wednesday, that you can find out three months ahead of time what books come out, and how there are different genres available for readers of any age!)
  • Use these as giveaways for your child’s class or dress up parties at school, instead of candy bags (but of course check with their teacher first. However, what teacher wouldn’t love the gift of reading instead of more wrappers in their room?!)
  • Please remember that KaBOOM! does state on their website:  “All orders must be placed by October 22nd, packs may contain duplicate issues, and individual comics will not be placed in bag and boards.”

With these tips and this package full of comics you’re sure to make a big KaBOOM! in your neighborhood.


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One Comment;

  1. Torsten Adair said:

    I used to hand out the HalloweenFest minis, but stopped this year because there were fewer mini titles and more regular titles. (It seems that it’s turning into another FCBD…) (And it didn’t help that they have to be ordered in August. They suggest that customers buy them from retailers, but how many will order them blind?)
    Your suggestion regarding schools… that’s very unlikely. Teachers and librarians want to know the content of the comics before officially handing them out, to avoid any complaints. (Yes, you may shake your head, but remember “The Salon” incident which CBLDF fought? That was caused by a retailer handing out a Free Comic Book Day comic during Halloween.)