Interview: Michael Moreci Kickstarts MINI COMICS INCLUDED

Remember those mini-comics that came with toys back in the day? Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley and Tim Seeley definitely do! The trio has kicked off a Kickstarter campaign for a set of six brand new mini-comics series focusing on brand new characters fresh from the creative minds of Hoax Hunters, Skybreaker, Hack/Slash and Revival. Moreci was kind enough to take time to answer some questions about the campaign and what readers can expect to find in these mini comics.

mini-comics2Aaron Long: Mini Comics Included is one of the most unique Kickstarters I’ve seen for comics. What drove you guys to start this project?

Michael Moreci: We wanted to experiment in Kickstarter, all of us, but wanted to justify its utilization. For us, there’s no point in doing a Kickstarter for something we could just do through a traditional publisher. It’s a philosophical business thing–because, ultimately, that’s not what KS is for; KS is for funding projects that otherwise couldn’t be made. That was the foundation. We started our talks about comic projects we’d love to do but no publisher touch (see: all-ages). We dabbled in formats and subscriptions and whatever, then finally it clicked with mini comics. Tim, Steve, and I grew up reading them, they came with all our toys. They’re what help makes us storytellers and, most of all, devotees to the medium of comics. It made perfect sense, and we were off from there.

AL: Within Mini Comics Included is a wide variety of titles including Literary Commandos, Superbeasts, and more. Have these ideas been in your heads for years, or did they all come from a marathon brainstorming session?

mini-comics1MM: Some yes, others no. Steve and I have been trying to get Prime-8s off the ground for years, but no luck. Publishers have literally told us “I love this, it’ll never sell.” And Tim has done Colt Noble before, same as Steve and I with Omega Family. The rest, though, are just crazy ideas we ran with. Literary Commandos is nuts. Dead Star Divas is super fun and weird. And these are the ones that made the most sense–I still lament us not being able to fit in Blasteroids. It’s a bit too…out there, though. But, yeah, these books are the three of us unfiltered, just having fun.

AL: How does your writing style change with the smaller format? You’ve got a lot less room for panels to work with, was it challenging to drive stories forward with the smaller format?

MM: Kind of, but not really. I’m used to doing compact stuff. Hoax Hunters started as a two-page a month backup; my Monkeybrain book, Skybreaker, is 14-16 pages (after issue 1, which is 23). Working this way presents unique and fun challenges in that you really have to hone in on the story and, with these, fit in the punchlines. I enjoy it, though. Takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you think.

mini-comics3AL: Can you discuss the various rewards and pledge levels you have in your campaign?

MM: Toys! We have so many cool toys. In fact, we just added two new ones–a figure for Dracula Man and Murder, from Hoax Hunters. Since these are comics that are supposed to come with toys, we couldn’t NOT have toys. Steve and Tim are even casting their own figure, Skraven, Poe’s evil henchbird from Literary Commandos. My favorite, other than toys, is the incentive where Tim, Steve, and I wreck your copies. Basically, we take your six copies and doodle in them, draw mustaches on characters, circle our favorites, whatever. Every single one is unique (and we give you a set of non-wrecked comics as well).

Oh, we also just added 50 jumbo 12 X 18 posters, the women of Mini Comics Included. Drawn by Tim, because, well, Tim likes drawing the ladies.

AL: After the project is over, are there currently any plans to continue with these characters in digital, mini or full size comics?

MM: I hope so. It all depends, I suppose. We have some potential deals to look at and we have to make sure we complete this drive first, fund it and fulfill. But we’re having fun doing this, so I wouldn’t count it out.

AL: Any final words for Comicosity’s readers regarding Mini Comics Included?

MM: Comics are fun. It’s okay to say that–it doesn’t make them less precious or less serious as a medium. Mini Comics Included is giving you that fun element, and newness–six titles, stories you’ve never read before. Take a chance with us, you’ll be glad you did.


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