Interview: Nathan Edmondson Takes on BLACK WIDOW

At NYCC Marvel Comics announced All-New Marvel NOW! would usher in a wave of new ongoing titles. One of those titles is Black Widow by Nathan Edmondson & Phil Noto. While Black Widow is one of the more prominent characters in the Marvel U due to her appearances in the cinematic universe and status as an Avenger, it has been awhile since she was the focus of an ongoing title. That is about to change this January with Black Widow #1 will hitting shelves and with the launch on the horizon Edmondson was kind enough to give us some dirt on what to expect from this new series.

Black_Widow_1_CoverAaron Long: You’re no stranger to telling espionage and spy stories, what sets Black Widow apart from the other spies in comics today?

Nathan Edmondson: For one, she’s not just a spy, she’s an Avenger, an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., a superhero. We can’t ignore the macro of the Marvel U in telling her story, so it’s naturally going to be—at least at times—bombastic and spectacular. What’s so interesting about Natasha is she’s both a very well known and defined character, but also, not so much. It’s rare you can come to a Marvel character everyone knows but not everyone understands. There’s a lot of room, then, for us to get in her head and create her world. That’s what we’ve done—and the art is so much a part of her (re)genesis that it feels like real creation here.

AL: Will your series be focusing on Black Widow’s past, or missions in the current Marvel U?

NE: Mostly on her missions, her mercenary life today. Her past is a part of her present, though; it drives her. We may not dwell in her past, but we will certainly come to understand it.

Black_Widow_1_Preview_1AL: Black Widow has a very deep relationship with the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, and many others in the Marvel Universe. Will readers be seeing any guest stars early on in this series or will Natasha be flying solo?

NE: At first, expect to see her, and just her. It was important to us to really establish her world and make the story her own before inviting guests in. It’s easy to start to open the rogues gallery and quickly lose focus to the poster shots of a character and her friends. It won’t be too long, though, before we will indeed see some familiar faces, for better or worse.

AL: You will be working with Phil Noto on the series, an artist who is talented to say the least. What is your creative process with Phil like? How would you describe his take on Black Widow?

Black_Widow_1_Preview_2NE: Utterly perfect. He was born for this book, and if that isn’t clear in the previews it will be on the stands. Phil and I found a great chemistry early on, spending a good bit of time on the phone and in emails exchanging ideas and birthing this series; now we’re a well-greased machine and very much of the same mind. He’s taken some liberties with my scripts and it’s always for the best (don’t encourage him, of course, or they’ll realize I’m unnecessary). We have a vision for her in the long run with grand ideas and a lot of ferocious interest in furthering her character while both sharing a love for how Black Widow appears and lives and breathes in each and every panel.

AL: Do you have any teasers, spoilers or other comments regarding Black Widow?

NE: I think a very interesting question to start asking yourself early on is ‘what does she really want out of all this?’. You may think you know Natasha, but you don’t. You may think you’re ready for what we’re working on—you’re not. We’re so excited for you to see this book. I couldn’t be more proud.

Black Widow #1 hits stores this January from Marvel Comics.


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