Interview: Tyler Kirkham Kickstarts THE FAMILY TROLL

The Family Troll has come to Kickstarter. DC Comics artist Tyler Kirkham is teaming with his wife Jill to hopefully bring The Family Troll to life. The Family Troll tells the tale of an adopted troll and what it is that truly makes up a family. Tyler was kind enough to take time from his schedule to discuss the project and how you can get involved with The Family Troll.

TheFamilyTroll1Aaron Long: The Family Troll is a labour of love for both of you. Can you discuss how the project came to be?

Tyler Kirkham: Yes I remember the night we decided to do it.
Jill and I had been doing this thing called IUI. Its something they do at the clinic to help you get pregnant. We’ve done it a lot with no success. One night after a failed attempt we were sitting around a fire pit talking about what were gonna do next.
As we were discussing this, we somehow felt inspired to share this our story. We know a lot of people struggle with the same thing, and we thought a story book would be a cool unique way to do it. We thought it would be good for adopted and foster kids too.
This being the first project I’ve ever worked on with Jill. We had a lot of fun, and a few disagreements along the way. It all worked out, we are both proud, and happy with what we have so far!

AL: So, who is Norg? Can you describe this family’s dynamic and discuss the journey he goes on in the story?

TheFamilyTroll2TK: We don’t reveal allot about Narg in the book. He is an abandon troll that a wizard finds in the woods. (Jill and I know his story, but we would like to reveal it in a sequel book) A young couple meet up with this Wizard to get a spell to help them have a baby. The wizard asks the couple to care for the troll while he travels the land to collect the ingredients for the spell. There is more to this troll then the wizard shares with the couple though.

AL: You have designed the world for the Family Troll, Tyler, and are a self-proclaimed fan of the fantasy genre. Were there any major influences on the world you built for the story, and what was your favourite part of building this world?

TK: Both Jill and I love Fantasy. Huge fans of Lord of the rings and all things Fantasy really. I play allot of Fantasy video games too. I’ve spent many a nights in the realms of the Elder Scrolls. Naturally I always choose fantasy if I have the chance at choosing a genre. I love drawing fantasy stuff and creating the people, creatures and structures that inhabit the world.

AL: Can you discuss your pledge levels and what rewards are available to people contributing to the campaign?

TK: We choose to only do hard cover books. It made more sense with printing costs and quality. We didn’t offer a pdf pledge because its a storybook that’s mainly ment for children. We didn’t think the pdf made sense on this project. So the minimum pledge at $25 seems steep, but it covers the book, shipping and handling. Plus helps cover the costs of the production to get this book done and the printing.

We have quite a few other pledge options. My favorite includes a Narg the troll plush doll.

We even have some really large pledges where we offer to fly people out to a convention and put them up in a hotel and spend some time with them to say thanks.

Or naming our first born or adopted child’s Middle name!

AL: Any final words for Comicosity’s readers regarding The Family Troll?

TK: Please check out the Kickstarter page and help us spread the word about the project! Also check out my website for more info on me:

The Kickstarter campaign for The Family Troll can be found here:


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