Kambadais & Rich Bring THE DOUBLE LIFE OF MIRANDA TURNER to Monkeybrain

Monkeybrain Comics has announced George Kambadais & Jamie S. Rich will be working on The Double Life of Miranda Turner, a new ongoing series.

Official Press Release

Portland, OR (October 16, 2013) – Writer Jamie S. Rich and artist George Kambadais are partnering with Monkeybrain Inc. to release the all-new superhero adventure title “The Double Life of Miranda Turner.” The first issue of this ongoing comic book series debuts on October 30 via ComiXology. It features 14 pages of color story and art, and the comic will be available for download for $0.99.

“The Double Life of Miranda Turner” tells the story of a struggling actress who had no idea that her sister, international supermodel Lindy Turner, was also the Cat, a famous crime fighter. This bombshell alone is enough to rock Miranda’s world, but it’s made all the more strange by the fact that Lindy delivers this news as a ghost. The Cat has been killed, and the source of her superpowers stolen. Miranda takes over the Cat identity, donning a black mask to help her dead sister solve her own murder!

“The idea was George’s,” Rich explained. “He actually contacted me on the urging of David Lafuente, who thought he’d be perfect for ‘It Girl and the Atomics.’ I was already a fan of George’s art blog and followed him on Tumblr, and so even though ‘It Girl’ had just wrapped, I knew I had to put together something. ‘Miranda Turner’ had been a short-lived webcomic George suspended after a few installments since he wasn’t happy with the writing. Once he told me the basic set-up, my mind immediately started churning out ideas and plot threads. It was perfect.”

A self-taught artist living in Greece, George Kambadais had previously been published by Arcana and Image, but has really achieved notoriety for his stylish pin-ups on Tumblr. “Digital distribution and the internet has broken down so many barriers for comic book creators worldwide,” Kambadais said. “The fact that I could reach out to Jamie and he already knew my art was incredible. And now we have something coming out from Monkeybrain, and that’s straight to digital and available worldwide.”

“I’ve been wanting to try some kind of digital-first comic for a while,” Rich continued. “I had projects that began life as web comics and graphic novels that supposed to appear online, but so far, for various reasons beyond my control, that hasn’t happened yet. So, when I started talking with George about a collaboration, that we’d take it to Monkeybrain was a no-brainer. I love the ethos of what they are doing, and the access portal they are providing for creators to build an audience and develop their material. This is the fastest I’ve ever had a project come together. George and I started talking in early July, and by mid-August we had a first issue and a deal.”

Joining Rich and Kambadais in bringing “The Double Life of Miranda Turner” to life are Crank! on lettering and Mike Toris on color assists. The comic is scheduled to be released every six weeks, and the series will be a combination of stand-alone stories and pieces that contribute to the larger puzzle.

“Jamie wrote a really fun introductory adventure for our debut issue,” Kambadais said. “It captured the irreverence and joy I think we both wanted and that is often lacking in the bigger superhero titles. There’s going to be room for plenty of emotion and character growth in ‘The Double Life of Miranda Turner,’ but the first rule is to entertain. We want the exploits of Miranda and Lindy to be as much fun for you to read as they are for us to make.”

“The Double Life of Miranda Turner” will be available for download via the ComiXology website and digital app on October 30. It is also currently available for preorder and subscription here http://www.comixology.com/The-Double-Life-of-Miranda-Turner-1/digital-comic/49419.


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