LOIS LANE Spotlight, Female Penciller Coming to SUPERMAN Books

DC Comics’ talent was out in full force with teasers at the New 52 Superman panel, Sunday at San Diego Comic Con. Among those in attendance were writers Scott Snyder (Superman Unchained) and Scott Lobdell (Superman, Action Comics), co-publisher Jim Lee (Superman Unchained), editor Eddie Berganza, artist Tony Daniel (Superman/Wonder Woman), and writer Michael Alan Nelson (Supergirl).

Significant spoilers shared with the eager audience were:

  • Lois Lane would be receiving the lionshare of story in Superman Annual #2 (Superman himself only appears in 10 of 38 pages), in recognition of her 75th anniversary as well;
  • Superman Unchained will see Superman tussling with Wraith, the military’s “secret superman,” who’s been operating without world appreciation or applause since World War II;
  • The Man of Steel reteams with Superboy and Supergirl in Superman #23 and #24, leading to a completely new status quo for the Superman universe with #25 and beyond, echoing a lot of what DC has shared about The New 52’s “phase two” this weekend;
  • Batman/Superman #2 arrives in stores this week (excellent timing in regard to the recent movie news) and features a young Earth Prime Superman and Batman teaming with their older and wiser counterparts from Earth 2. The story also features the Earth 2 Catwoman prominently;
  • The identity of the Cyborg Superman was teased heavily, with speculation that his appearance in Supergirl adjacent to a scene with the lead heroine’s mother may have deeper meaning;
  • The inclusion of characters like Hector Hammond, HIVE, and Psycho Pirate in the Superman books is a deliberate attempt to highlight telepaths in the DC Universe more, as that brand of character is often overlooked in this comics universe;
  • In answer to a direct question about seeing more female artists at DC Comics, Eddie Berganza shared a female penciller would be coming aboard one of the Superman family books soon, although the announcement of who had to be saved for a date very soon.

Images courtesy DC Comics.




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