Marvel Comics Announces 6 New Projects at SDCC

At various panels throughout Friday at San Diego Comic Con, Marvel Comics announced a variety of upcoming projects across their super-hero line, including:


Captain America and the Mighty Avengers

Replacing the Mighty Avengers in their monthly schedule, this new #1 launching in X features the new Captain America and former Falcon, Sam Wilson, leading their multicultural team of Avengers. Team members still appear to include Luke Cage, Spectrum, the Blue Marvel, Ronin, the White Tiger, She-Hulk, and Peter Parker Spider-Man.

The series will be written by current Mighty Avengers writer Al Ewing, and illustrated by Luke Ross.



Scarlet Spiders

Ben Reilly returns at last to the Spider-Man Universe in the upcoming three-issue mini-series Scarlet Spiders, starring the believed-dead clone of Peter Parker in his first reappearance since the classic Clone Saga! Joining him in the series is Kaine, the Scarlet Spider, and Ultimate Jessica Drew, who has recently taken on the name Black Widow in All New Ultimates! The mini-series is written by Mike Costa and drawn by Paco Diaz.



Angela: Asgard’s Assassin

Written by Kieron Gillen and Marguerite Bennett, with art by Phil Jimenez and Stephanie Hans, this ongoing title starring the classic Neil Gaiman character — recently revealed to be the sister of Thor — hits stores in November. Torn between two worlds, Angela will need to balance her family connections to Odin and Asgard with the Tenth Realm, the angelic warriors that trained her.



Spider-Verse Team-Up

Running alongside its October event title Edge of Spider-Verse, Spider-Verse Team-Up is also a three-issue mini-series pairing different versions of Spider-Man and his extended family in short stories. Issue #1 features stories written by Christos Gage, Roger Stern, Tom DeFalco, Dave Williams, and more. Characters that could be appearing are Scarlet Spider, the MC2 Spider-Girl, Spider-Man 2099, Ultimate Spider-Woman, Peter Porker, Miles Morales, the Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman, mecha-Spider-Man, Spider-Man UK, and Peter Parker himself.



All  New Captain America: Fear Him

This October, ahead of the highly anticipated new series All-New Captain America, get your first taste of Sam Wilson as the new Sentinel of Liberty in ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA: FEAR HIM, the groundbreaking new 6-issue Infinite Comic series specially designed for mobile devices!

Bridging the gap between Sam taking up the shield in Captain America #25 to the debut of his new series in November, this genre-defining Infinite Comic chronicles Sam Wilson’s first high-flying adventure as Captain America! Writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Szymon Kudranski craft an all-new adventure that will define Sam Wilson’s new patriotic role and the man he will become!



Avengers: Rage of Ultron OGN

Time and time again, Ultron has reformed himself, each time more powerful than the last. Now, with complete control over the central computer core of Saturn’s moon Titan, only the Avengers stand in the way of total annihilation at the hands of Planet Ultron!
Shipping in November, this full length original graphic novel is written by Rick Remender with art by Jerome Opena, featuring the world’s most popular super heroes in a high-end, oversized format featuring sophisticated packaging and design.

Home of the Eternals and birthplace of Thanos the Mad, Saturn’s moon Titan now bends to the will of the maniacal and deadly Ultron. With an entire planet under his control, Earth’s obliteration is now within his reach. Only Ultron’s inventor Hank Pym holds the key to defeating his own creation. And it will come with a frightening cost!


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