MOM’S COVER WATCH: April 3, 2013

In a week bookend-ed by big hitters there are some gemstone covers amongst the smaller publishers waiting to be discovered. The mother of all comics, Jessica Boyd, takes a look at the covers for the week of April 3, 2013 in this week’s MOM’S COVER WATCH.

Written by Jason Aaron
Cover art by Simone Bianchi
Published by Marvel Comics

Thanos has long received a bad rap for looking too much like his inspiration/doppelganger from the other side of the publishing field. However, Simone Bianchi has created an eloquently frightening image of The Mad Titan, unusual ooze and all.

With a view of his home world (a moon of Saturn) in the background, an eye glowing with menace and destruction, excitement builds will all the tiny detailed and textures. Perhaps that is what causes this image to feel so alive: the texture. Metal sheen, wore skin, the textures included in this work feels intricate.

If Thanos really is going to change the Marvel universe, like the solicit claims, this cover is a great start!

polarityPOLARITY #1
Written by Max Bemis
Cover art by Frazer Irving
Published by BOOM Entertainment

With a combination of neons, pastels, light and darks as well as the neutral face at the bottom, Frazer Irving has captures the manic-depressive of this new book from yet another musician (SAY ANYTHING frontman Max Bemis.) Normally this many images cobbled together could be cluttered and hard on the eyes. However, because of the tones given to each side it creates groups and allows you to take each piece in without being overwhelming.

These tone combinations is something that has been seen in Irving’s work before and was a good choice for this book as well.
While future covers of this series play with visual images, this cover feels like it not only a great piece of comic art, but could equally belong a music album cover (which I’m sure is no happy accident.)

Written by Conor McCreery
Cover art by Andy Belanger
Published by IDW Publishing

So remember everything from that last paragraph about color combinations being used to group images and themes?


However here, instead of being used to break up a barrage of images, the tones are used more to reflect mirror images/worlds from each other. Metaphorical and literal representations over the book’s plot are presented in a clean yet detailed combination.


Written by Bryan J. L. Glass, Michael Avon Oeming
Cover art by Michael Avon Oeming
Published by Image Comics

Mike Avon Oeming’s Mice Templar work carries with it a much more fanciful and epic feeling than his traditional comic work. It would take just a few slight changes to make the cover-mouse more friendly. Instead, he is a fierce warrior, ready who has already violently struck.

That feeling continues with this latest addition. The blues and greens are bright and contrast well. The splash of blood across the cover adds to the primary color theme and add to the mid-action feeling being conveyed.

Hopefully, there is just as much action in the book as the mice crusade against the tyrant king!

Batwing19coverBATWING #19
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin V. Gray
Cover art by Fabrizio Fiorentino
Published by DC Comics

Fabrizio Fiorentino creates covers that feel like they can move on their own. More of a traditional cover than is usually shown on Mom’s Cover Watch, the subject matter takes over.

What is known in this issues is that Batwing quits. However, with a maniacal looking Batman, and the unknown new Batwing waiting to take on the mantle, the mystery of the storyline alone makes this cover all the more engrossing. Pouring over the details to try and predict the new hero has been a hobby these past few weeks.

When you’re looking that closely at the details you cannot help but appreciate the detailed rubble, muscular lines and well placed layout.


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