MOM’S COVER WATCH: August 13, 2014

It’s a week of strength: strong ladies, strong artists and strong images. The mother of all comics takes a look a the covers that visually leap off the comic stands for the week of August 13, 2014.


Cover art by Jenny Frison
Published by Dark Horse Comics

The beauty of Ghost gets a digital graphic overlay that kicks it up. The blue lines pop on the white backdrop that Ghost melds into. There is a risk here that she skin tones could feel like they’re resting on top of all the brightness. Instead, careful shading makes her fold into and behind her garb.


Cover art by Juan Ferreyra
Published by DC Comics

Flowing red, dark shadows and a lone figure create an eerie balance. This cover feels more like it’s Vertigo counter parts from so many years ago, instead of a traditional superhero call to arms. However, the trench still gives that war feeling like a demonic battle is facing our man as he blazes he way through hell to save those he must.


Cover art by Jenny Frison
Published by Dynamite Comics 

It’s a double dose of Jenny Frison this week. For her second cover on the watch we have the female warrior who has made it here often. What is dramatic is the upward angle on Red Sonja. Looking down upon her and the battlefield creates a dynamic stance that is usually reserved for the capes flying upward. Here it is a reminder of the devastation that is constantly surrounding the metal clad female fury.


Cover artist Joseph Michael Linsner
Published by Dynamite Comics

Here we have another upward point of view gazing down. What is beautiful about this Lady Zorro are the proportions on her body. While she has a full chest,she has the back and, though it is synched, womanly waist that feels like it supports her body type. Along with her lovely face and flowing background, it’s the right type of cheesecake to be enjoyed.


Cover artist Emma Rios
Published by BOOM! Studios

Rios owns two things: westerns and supernatural.

This cover screams supernatural with the unkempt and endlessly flowing hair, the sunken body and the foolish figure below the hair covered masthead. The horror aspects are kicked up to a creep level 10 with the empty eyes that are the same shade as the lighter background hues above. It’s that mild color palette popped with reds and soft pinks that is making your skin crawl.




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