MOM’S COVER WATCH: August 6, 2014

Pastels, textures and out of this world backdrops take your eye on a journey as we take a look at the best covers for the week of August 6, 2014.


Cover Art by Jim Rugg
Published by Monkeybrain Comics

She is the world’s greatest homeless skateboarder… who has been struck by awesome. Jesse Sanchez has her insides laid out for all to see on this cover that encompasses in a stylish fashion… for a skeleton. The solid pick background with the body in white and the skeleton in textured shades of pink that comes down in a slight diagonal from the hand that has struck her with brilliance. The metaphorical and literal implications to this cover in the story says a lot and draws you in to read more. Beware, what you’ll find inside is not just your straight forward girl on the streets protecting her neighborhood. It’s the fantasy adventure you’ve been searching out for a long time.



Art by Robert Wilson IV, Jordan Boyd, and Thomas Mauer
Published by Monkeybrain Comics

They all look like a series of simple shapes, however the come together in glowing splendor. The complimentary colors of blue and purple are used as a radiating point out from the white. Despite the risk of running together, using the almost teal blue against the purple with darker beam coming forth. It all creates a feeling of divine power.



Cover Art by Nathan Fox
Published by Dynamite Entertainment

Schematics, layered with travel patterns and an artistic twist on a circulatory system create bright and dynamic piece, despite the dark blue background. It’s a clever, almost science-fiction twist to selling a superhero.



Cover Art by Mikel Janin
Published by DC Comics

Water color beauty.

Grayson once again breaks the mold on covers by taking a James Bond like approach and kicking it up to the next level with a patterned, almost monochromatic watercolor for our femme in the background. Inking is reserved for just a few key outlining strokes while all the shading, and drama, rest in the color.

Cover art by Scott Fischer
Published by Dark Horse Comics

It’s a layered image that calls back on various ideas linked with religion and Christianity. The skeletal nuns, the duplicate images that run in a vertical pattern and is semi-transparent, as if they were see-through, like stained glass while the background green makes you almost think of support pillars in the middle of a large sanctuary. The lilies blooming and bursting forth, growing and across and down the page.  It’s a z-layout that you may not be aware of at first, but with the masthead creates a clear direction for your eye to go across. Plus, the layers of red create just the right tone for the final thing your eyes rest on: blood stained hands.




Cover art by Benjamin Dewey
Published by Oni Press

Normally trades are not considered for Cover Watch. However, this Oni Press digital first, which has held the same cover throughout the run, has too many details, oddities and symmetry to pass up. Dewey, who also illustrates the interiors, does a fantastic job of presenting the regal animal that is adored by so much of the internet. Cat lovers and lovers of good stories alike will delight in this image.


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