MOM’S COVER WATCH: February 13, 2013

It’s all about the story and the art… but mostly the story. The Mother of All Comics is still choosing striking covers for titles coming out February 13th, 2013. However, they all have one thing in common, they say something important about the story on Mom’s Cover Watch.

supurbia4SUPURBIA #4
Written by Grace Randolph
Cover by Russell Dauterman
Published by BOOM Entertainment

Supurbia seems to have finally hit its dark and dramatic turning point (as long as you don’t count mariticide, by potential spousal replacement in the mini-series.).

This month’s cover features the book’s regular artist Russell Dauterman, and it’s about time. Previous covers did not completely reflect the feel or tone of the book. Daugterman’s stylized characters were always in contrast with the overworked covers. With him on cover duty, the perfect mood is set, before the book has ever been opened.

This cover has Hella Heart’s dramatic turning point, which created last month’s cliffhanger. With a close crop, striking backlighting, and everything running (make-up, blood, tears, you name it), Daughterman has created an eye-catching visual that is beautiful despite its horrid subject matter.


walkingdead107 THE WALKING DEAD #107
Written by Robert Kirkman
Cover by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn
Published by Image Comics

The solicit for this month seems more of the same old, same old for The Walking Dead: Rick pushed to the edge.

However, what hits about this cover is the debate it creates: Just what has Negan done to Carl?

Charlie Adlard puts that question front and center by making Carl’s hat the focal point of the image, instead of our protagonist and the antagonist who makes The Governor look like a barking Shih Tzu.

Rathburn’s colors also provide great mood to the scene with darker colors around the front center points and make it look like the light and hope are fading away.


avengersarena4AVENGERS ARENA #4
Written by Dennis Hopeless
Cover by Dave Johnson
Published by Marvel Comics


Oh, wait, no. This isn’t some big boxing matching. It’s AVENGERS ARENA!

X-23 has been on the back-burner for several issues now, popping up to make the occasional cameo and scare all the other contestants that they’ll die the next second.

This month’s cover puts her front and center, in the fighting ring — metaphorically at least, since everyone is in the ring, fighting for their lives.

Johnson does a great job of making this look like a beat-up boxing poster. This fun design would work in both a comic room or a sports themed den.


peterpanzerfaust9PETER PANZERFAUST #9
Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe
Cover by Tyler Jenkins
Published by Image Comics

The hook is finally taking center stage in this Peter Pan story set during World War II.

Not only does this cover set the tone for the book and highlight the character many want to know more about, it puts things into great context.

The hook is set against a black background, adding to the feeling of evil. The German eagle, the reflecting metal and classic way the eye naturally follows everything left to right and down creates a prominent cover the hopefully bring in some readers for this unusual series.

Tyler Jenkins has created an iconic and stylish cover.


coldplaycomicMYLO XYLOTO #1
Written by Coldplay and Mark Osborne
Cover by Vladimir Shelest
Published by Bongo Comics

What the heck is Mylo Xyloto? Perhaps that is the biggest question that is being answered by both the cover and the comic created by the band Coldplay.

It’s a story that has been weaved throughout their album and music and hinted at for some time.

Now the tale is finally being revealed with both a dark and purple side. Normally, I do not care for a split cover like this, especially one where they body parts (for example the hands) do not even attempt to blend from side to side.

However, the purple contrasts so well against the darker right half that it immediately grabbed my attention in a weak of rather the same old feeling covers.




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