MOM’S COVER WATCH: January 2, 2013

So many covers to choose from this week, after last week’s 17 issue short change of comic releases. It leaves the mother of all comics, Jessica Boyd, in a bind to choose only five of these covers as the best of the week in Mom’s Cover Watch.

Usually some of the best covers in comics comes from independent, creator owned books. However, despite the large amount of offerings this week, or perhaps because of them,  the big two dominate on the art front in covers.

Superman #15SUPERMAN #15
Written by Scott Lobdell
Art by Kenneth Rocafort
Publisher: DC Comics

In the crossover event that is H’EL on Earth for both the Super Family and the readers, this cover is a bright spot. When the solicit and image were released in 2012, you could hear a collective cry of, “It’s about time!”

Specifically, this cry is because of the appearance of Lex Luthor on the cover. Rocafort brings a menacing feel to Superman’s arch nemesis despite the fact that Luthor is physical in no position to do anything.

Contrast that with the transparent Superman that makes it clear we’re looking at his reflection. It is a wonderful way of showing the two communicating without an un-revealing and less detailed profile view that could have been shown.

Even if Luthor is but a few panels in the book, DC knew what they were doing with this cover, as readers who have been avoiding the H’EL run will pick it up just for the short interaction.


Teen Titans #15TEEN TITANS #15
Written by Scott Lobdell
Variant Cover Art by Brett Booth
Publisher: DC Comics

Admit it. if you are a DC reader, you’ve analyzed this cover at least once. Even if you’ve never read Teen Titans. I fully admit, I don’t read it. However, Brett Booth puts everything into this Death of the Family crossover cover.

The smoldering cards and the Jokers hidden face provide an unusually placed focal point. Talking to fans of the series on Twitter, there was speculation if this would be the issue where someone could actually die. However, since the title is referencing the end of the Bat family and not necessarily any one individual, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

What you can enjoy is another creepy creation by Booth to add to my… I mean your, growing Death of the Family cover gallery.


New Avengers #1NEW AVENGERS #1
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Variant Cover Art by Stephen H. Epting
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Alternate realities. The Illuminati. Black Panther.

It’s a recipe for awesome. The artist on the New Avengers book makes this clear in this variant cover composed for the first issue of the Marvel NOW! launch.

Marvel did a good job of making sure to not get in the way of the piece by providing a smaller outline logo above “the fold” (or upper third portion of the artwork.)

The darkness of the characters and the brilliance of the alternate worlds also makes this piece pleasing to the eye.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, high contrast is (almost) always pleasing to the eye.


All-New X-Men #5ALL NEW X-MEN #5
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Variant Cover Art by Stuart Immonen
Publisher: Marvel Comics

This series has become a highlight for many readers and brought many readers back into the Marvel fold.

In this cover Stuart Immonen incorporates the many faces and key moments in the life of Jean Grey.

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel does a switch and it turns out Jean is not the original team member whose life is changed forever. This cover would be worth it, though.

If you’ve missed it, the original Jean has come from the past with her teammates and learned just how strong her telepathic abilities become. She’s learned it in a crippling fashion too.

Whether it’s reading others minds or if some space-time continuum stream forces her to relive everything that happened to deceased Jean remains to be seen.

However, Immonen’s collage of events gives a beautiful dark and sad reminder of what has been and what is to come.


Mom’s Cheat

Any Cover or Variant Cover this week by Skottie Young
Publisher: Marvel Comics

New Avengers #1, Morbius #1, Road to Oz #4As the interesting and fun Ed Torres of Twitter puts it, Skottie Young covers are the drug of choice for nerds. This week, those with the addiction can add to their collections with variant covers for Morbius the Living Vampire #1 and New Avengers #1.

There is also the brilliant Road to Oz #4, which continues the brilliant series that began last year and Oz franchise that Marvel has been publishing since 2008.

Really, between the hilarity factor (“Nap in Peace” for Morbius and Reed Richards lamenting everyone wearing black except for him on New Avengers) and the cuteness factor, what is not to love?




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