MOM’S COVER WATCH: March 5, 2014

The mother of all comics has a dark streak this week with the sinister, foreboding and deadly taking center stage for the week of March 5, 2014.

Written by Alex de Campi
Cover art by Dan Panosian
Published by Dark Horse Comics

The bride and the warrior of death, waiting to exact her revenge, create a split personality for this cover. The violent nature of this series is reflected in a crown of skulls, and on its flip-side, a background of blood. Where before she was a victim with those around her killed and her wedding destroyed, in this issue she becomes the warrior waiting to hand out death by the cover of night.



fataledeluxhardcoverFATALE DELUXE HARDCOVER VOL 1
Written by Ed Brubaker
Cover art by Sean Phillips
Publis hed by Image Comics

Rule breaking time. Normally, collected editions are left out of the cover watch and only single issue covers are highlighted. However, Sean Phillips’ cover for the hardcover deserves a spotlight, no matter how many times it shows up. Unlike previous covers in this series, which only had color highlights, this cover had full on blue-green tentacles and creamy skin that screams out at you. While the anatomy is not exactly in line, the color contrast more than makes up for this.



Veil1VEIL #1
Written by Greg Rucka
Cover art by Toni Fejzula
Published by Dark Horse Comics

Toni Fejzula is making it clear that you are not about to open up a feel good, fun trip inside the pages of Veil.  Playing up the rats and subway beginnings of our leading lady who enters into this world naked, I have had the print of this cover hanging on my walls since NYCC. There is something haunting about the blue-green-grey figure against the peachy-rose background and her surrounding companions. Rucka may be surprised that  his publisher has labeled this book a horror story, but the cover does not leave you doubting.



velvet4VELVET #4
Written by Ed Brubaker
Cover art by Steve Epting
Published by Image Comics

From the haunting and horrible to the lady decked out in gold, Brubaker certainly gets the opportunity to work with great artists. This is his second book to make The Watch this week this time as artist Steve Epting continues his series of portraits for Velvet.  Every issue has had our leading lady grace the cover with a stern look at action sequence below. However here, it’s taken up a notch with her mask that could be a hint of anything from Mardi Gras (I hope you all had fun yesterday, on Fat Tuesday) to a high-society party or masquerade that could happen any time of year.



nightofthelivingdeadpool4NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL #4
Written by Cullen Bunn
Cover art by Jay Shaw
Published by Marvel Comics

The final chapter of The Merc & The Zombies is here… which means no more Jay Shaw covers. Nearly every cover has found its way on the list, and with their frightful and unforgiving covers, it’s no wonder. This is a series where it would be so easy to show Deadpool in some sort of outrageous and over the top situation or being buried alive by zombie however,  Shaw’s serious tone and style have lent an air of validity and grandiose to a big two book that would normally be chalked up to a cute joke. With a blood red skull and the grey-toned background, there is nothing to joke about here. Will Deadpool survive? Or is this how zombie Deadpool, from the Deadpool Kills Deadpool series was created?




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