MOM’S COVER WATCH: May 14, 2014

It’s a week of beautiful covers that Marvel built. While there are plenty of covers to please the eye, like Shutter #2 and Batgirl #31, Marvel has put together a line-up of art that will steal your eyes while you’re gazing at the comic store racks, for the week of May 14, 2014.

Written by Ales Kot
Cover art by Tradd Moore
Published by Marvel Comics

Black Widow has the center stage of this cover of the tongue-in-cheek series with a hidden heart. There is a combination of gradients, action, detail and looming danger in this piece. When combined with the title down below acting as an anchor, there is almost a symmetry at play. The action might be a bit off balance, however, having the members of our crew on either side of the twisting trees, revealing the location of their next adventure, and it makes for a rounder piece.


Written by Gerry Dugan, Brian Posehn
Cover art by Guri Hiru
Published by Marvel Comics

Action, sex and adventure, all wrapped up in a neat little postcard. The amount of detail hidden amongst each letter is intriguing. Each picture has magnificent and luminous color work that makes the characters pop. Reminiscent of a Mark Brooks style cover, Deadpool’s ball-in-chain takes on a very model like look. Then the graphic design layers of setting the images within the background kicks it up to the next level.

Deadpool is on his honeymoon and surely everything is going to be sunny and bright, just like the postcard… Right guys?… Right?


Written by Michel Fiffe
Cover art by David Nakayama
Variant Cover by Ron Wimberley
Published by Marvel Comics

A double dose of pretty this week from the alternate superhero universe. One cover has Jessica Drew as a lone spider, taking on the mantle of Black Widow. The other is a great combination of characters bleeding into the red background. The 90s pop art style influences are clear in both yet each create their own unique life. They are a comparison in the complicated and the simplistic in order to both make great eye candy.


Written by Kelly Sue Deconnick
Cover art by David Lopez
Published by Marvel Comics

Captain Marvel’s primary colors are getting a slight tinge of propaganda style with a patriotic flare.

The masthead, up-against these color combinations and the large oversize star takes on a late 70s, early 80s disco touch. The thing that gives it that extra special punch is the new group members added to this volume, silhouetted in shadow and darkness in the foreground. They are the reminders that as heroic and kick-butt as Captain Marvel is, she is always willing to rely on others and work with the team. David Lopez is owning the art on this volume on a level not seen in the first, and it shows in the cover as well.


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