MOM’S COVER WATCH: May 21, 2013

It’s a full-on DC and Marvel party this week for May 21, 2013 as the mother of all comics takes a look at cover on MOM’S COVER WATCH.

batmaninc11BATMAN INC #11
Written by Grant Morrison
Variant Cover art by Guillem March
Published by DC Comics


Pain. Anguish. Reckoning. If Talia al Ghul has her way, these are the thing that are probably about to rain down on Batman.

The darkness surrounding Talia speaks volumes and helps to focus on her iconic dress of white. While March does indulge a little too much on Talia’s plunging neckline, the gothic and almost pulp like feel to the background makes this cover worth of Cover Watch.



flash20THE FLASH #20
Written by Brian Buccellato
Cover art by Francis Manapul
Published by DC Comics

The best thing about this cover is the Reverse Flash.

Don’t see him? Exactly. There is The Flash, fighting for his life, getting completely trashed in a fight and you can’t even see who is attacking him. The movement, the motion and streaks of light hide little pieces of detail.

This combination of movement that hides detail is just amazing to behold. You can be looking over every inch as well as looking at the full picture, either way, you win.



fearlessdefendersAUFEARLESS DEFENDERS #4AU
Written by Cullen Bunn
Cover art by Phil Jimenez
Published by Marvel Comics

Women under the pencil of Phil Jimenez always come out looking like queens.

Then there are actually queen like Hippolyta, and she comes out with Dr. Doom’s head. The Avengers are caught in the background, she has a smug look on her face. The whole picture glitters and has a simple  but shows so much power.

Also, it helps that the eye is automatically goes to Doom’s head, follows Hippolyta’s arm down and across her body giving you a full view of the page.



youngavengersYOUNG AVENGER #5
Written by Kieron Gillen
Cover art Jamie McKelvie
Published by Marvel Comics

Every month Young Avengers seems to break the mold when it comes to unique cover art. Eventually, I’m going to have to stop choosing this book for Mom’s Cover Watch, but this is not that month.

This teen powered book shows, with just its cover that it does not really matter which villain they are fighting. It’s all about teamwork. Negative space highlights the battle over taking them, almost threatening to reduce them to nothingness.

Hopefully they will not be erased from the Marvel Universe. Considering their sales, I doubt that will happen any time soon.


uncannyxmen6UNCANNY X-MEN #6
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Cover art by Frazer Irving
Published by Marvel Comics

The division of this page is amazing.

A cool toned top-half contrasted with the searing flames consuming the lower portion of this cover combines to create a powerful dynamic that is softened by the medium used to color it in.

The fingers almost have a propaganda poster like quality, with fingers of damnation reaching out to claim its victim.

It’s an unusual palette and color choice outside of the norm for this book, which makes me all the more interested to see how the story inside unfolds.


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