MOM’S COVER WATCH: May 29, 2013

The mother of all comics, Jessica Boyd, is showing the softer side of comics this week. Perhaps not softer subject matter, but softer lines, softer colors and just a fluidity of comic goodness… you’ll see in the best covers for the week of May 29, 2013.

hastings variantX-MEN #1
Written by Brian Wood
Hastings Variant Cover by Kevin Wada
Published by Marvel Comics

Known for his Vogue superheroes series Kevin Wada is the king of marrying the world of punch and kick with the world of high fashion.

Be it inspired by Great Gatsby or Downton Abbey, Wada has once again created elegance for the women of Marvel with this variant cover to Brian Wood’s all female lead book. The fashions reflect the color palette of their traditional uniforms and play with the signature hair colors and styles to make them reflect the time period in which this cover is set.

I’m not one for owning multiple covers, however this cover is wall worthy and the only thing that would make it better is Kevin Wada’s signature in the corner (or finding the money to buy the original!)


furymax12FURY MAX #12
Written by Garth Ennis
Cover art by Dave Johnson
Published by Marvel Comics

Barracuda’s reach is far and a showdown with and Fury is inevitable.

With a propaganda poster feeling, the looming nature of the villain over future weighs everything in the best possible way. The blue skin tone makes it clear whom Fury is truly fighting for and also adds to the soft feeling of the color palette presented in this picture.





killshakespearetob4KILL SHAKESPEARE: TIDE OF BLOOD #4
Written by Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col
Cover art by Nimit Malavia
Published by IDW Publishing

Menace, rage, seething hatred… all is boiling over in a wash of yellow on the cover of Tide of Blood.

Once again a soft color palette covers a scene full of darker intentions. This series has been high drama of the best kind, with action to match. This cover does an excellent job of portraying that drama and emotion through the flowing lines and Elizabethan style clothing.




chewCHEW #34
Written by John Layman
Cover art by Rob Guillory
Published by Image Comics

Tony, Mason and The Vampire…

It’s like one of those create your own fashions or mix and match the animal books you had as a child. However, this time, it’s the hero, the man of mystery and the villain melding into one person and all sharing a terrible gift.

All three of these men know the past of anything they eat… and now it’s all coming together and coming to a crossroads for what is ahead in this world where chicken is forbidden, food is dangerous, the people and the government cannot be trusted.



adventuresofsupermanADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #1
Written by Jeff Parker and Jeff Lemire
Cover art by Chris Samnee
Published by DC Comics

Whether he’s leaping a tall building, or flying through the air, it’s a classic and soft look at the man of steel high in the sky.

Just like this collection of the digital first Superman tales are out of continuity feel good classic style stories, this cover seems to call back to that as well. With Metropolis bathed in blue and Supes sporting a strong wide chin, the emotional tug at your childhood memories of the hero are very present.

There are some modern techniques with the slightly out of focus sky-scape to convey his movement through the sky. But the slightly off centered man in blue tights grabs your eye immediately and does not let go.





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